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  • Katie Swift: My Poker Journey

    Katie Swift: My Poker Journey

    Christmas day 2005 my parents gave me the best gift ever, although completely without even realising it.  They taught me how to play poker.  No Limit Texas Holdem to be exact.  On a small post-stick note, my Mum wrote the hand rankings down and after simply one practice ‘face up’ hand, I was thrown in […]



    At the end of this week, Grosvenor Poker will welcome the return of GCOOP.  For anyone who hasn’t heard of it before, it is a much loved online poker series that lasts a little over a week.  The “Grosvenor Championship Of Online Poker” consists of 19 poker tournaments finishing across 9 days, each one challenging […]

  • Katie Swift: My First Goliath

    Katie Swift: My First Goliath

    First times experiences in life are usually pretty memorable.  First steps, first day at school, first car, first love.  My first time at Goliath was no different – extremely memorable and for all the right reasons!

  • 2019 Promise with Grosvenor

    2019 Promise with Grosvenor

    Season 13 of the GUKPT starts this week at the Vic with 400+ players expected for the Main Event, battling out for a £100k+ first prize. The UK’s best breeding ground The UK’s original and oldest tour maintains its position as the best in the business, going from strength to strength last year as displayed […]