Most interesting facts about playing cards

Whether it’s a holiday, a long journey, a social occasion at home or at a casino – playing cards have a massive part to play in modern society.

But who do we have to thank for the invention? They are believed to have originated in China, before spreading to India and Persia.

They ended up on European shores in the second half of the 14th century and were original considered as forms of art which were hand painted.

Today, they are mass produced and you cannot go to any holiday destination around the globe without seeing a personalised pack on sale in a souvenir shop such is their popularity, while they are also one of most common forgotten things when heading away on holiday in case of a rainy day.

Here are some interesting facts about card games

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Poker Chips

Table Talk: Will You Get 100% on our Poker Terminology Quiz?

For Poker players just starting out on their journey there is nothing worse than not knowing the poker terminology.

You have to know your stuff otherwise you will be known as a Fish rather than a Shark – and we wouldn’t want that.

But whether you fancy yourself as a bit of a poker expert or are just starting out, here is a quiz that will put your poker slang knowledge to the test.

Do you know  a Flush or a Dead Man’s Hand when you see one? Play our quiz today to see where you rank amongst the nation. It’s the nuts!

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Online Casino v Land-Based Casino

The casino industry is one of the biggest in the UK and it isn’t hard to see why with the variety of choice the public have.

A Gambling Commission Study revealed 51 per cent of people who gamble now do so online using their mobile phones and tablets – an 8 per cent increase over the course of the year while around a half still also use their computer or laptop to gamble as well.

Some prefer online casinos, while others favour the traditional land-based casinos. Both have their advantages and in this article we take a look through as to the benefits of each.

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Female Jockeys in UK horse racing

Horse racing is one of very few sports in the UK where both male and females compete against each other and the sport can be used as an example to others in bridging the gap.

The UK has an abundance of top female jockeys who pit their wits against their male counterparts and in recent years the numbers have risen

The likes of Bryony Frost and Katie Walsh over the jumps and Hayley Turner on the flat have blazed a trail for women in horse racing, while a number of up and coming youngsters have shown they can mix it at the top end of the sport and here we take you through just a few of the leading female jockeys.

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