The Men Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo, one of the most famous gambling districts on Earth, has had its fair share of stories over the years.

Take the Casino de Monte-Carlo, for instance. This was the setting for James Bond blockbusters like  Never Say Never Again, Golden Eye and Casino Royale. It’s so exclusive, cameras are strictly prohibited from making their way past the entrance, while their 36,000 packs of cards are stored at exactly 20°C to keep them crisp.

One of the region’s most famous accolades, however, arrived during the earliest days of video, when the city’s famous casino featured in the Charles Coborn song, “The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo”.

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Looking back

When the GUKPT started in 2007 I was still working as the Sports Editor of TV Times in London.I used to try and get away early on Fridays, was given four weeks unpaid leave to go with my six weeks holiday, and still I couldn’t find enough time to fit in all the poker I wanted to play!

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What Would You Spend Your Winnings On?

Imagine you have just been dealt an epic hand at the casino and you are set to bring in the big bucks. Luck is finally on your side, and now it’s time to claim your winnings. But how should you spend it?

Take our quiz to see what we think you should splash the cash on!

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The Big Deal

The live poker scene is as exciting as it’s ever been.

Despite starting out as an online tournament player in 2008, with neither any particular inclination nor the confidence to play face-to-face, when I did pluck up the courage to go inside a casino I caught the live poker bug very quickly.

The first ever live competition I played was a £10 rebuy in Reading. I was anxious and frankly, scared money. I phoned the casino in advance and asked lots of questions, which is the kind of person I am. It transpired the tournament was ‘self-deal’ so I bought a deck of proper plastic playing cards and taught myself to perform a basic riffle shuffle.

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