Ace King Suited

How to play Ace King Suited side bet on Blackjack

Priced at £1 per bet, per round, adding a Grosvenor Ace King Suited Progressive Blackjack Side Bet to your game gives you the chance to win one of three progressive jackpots; Minor, Major and Mega, with the Mega jackpot paying out a guaranteed minimum of £10,000 if you and the dealer draw a Blackjack match by both holding the Ace and King of the same suit.

All three jackpots are linked between the participating Grosvenor Casinos with their prize values increasing based on the number of players taking part and the amount of time it takes for them to be won.

How to play

In order to join the Grosvenor Ace King Suited Progressive Blackjack Side Bet, all you need to do is make your standard Blackjack bet and then place a £1 chip on the red disc above your playbox at one of the participating Blackjack tables.

The dealer will then collect all of the Grosvenor Ace King Suited Progressive Blackjack Side Bets and continue to deal Blackjack as normal.

All progressive percentage payouts apply to both yours and the dealer’s first two cards only. All fixed payouts apply to your first two cards only (initial deal). All potential progressive prize winners are settled once the dealer’s second card is shown.

Straight Flush 35 to 1
Three of a Kind 33 to 1
Straight 6 to 1
Flush 4 to 1
Pair Evens

There is also an optional side bet Prime on Three Card Poker. You can only place this bet once you have placed an Ante and/or a Pair Plus wager. The objective of this bet is to see whether the three cards dealt to you are of the same colour, that is, all red or all black, see Pay Table below.

Prime Pay Table

Hand Jackpots Envy Bonus
Player and Dealer
Suited Ace/King
(must both be
the same suit)
100% Mega £500
Player and Dealer
Suited Ace/King
(any suit)
100% Major £200
Player Suited
Ace/King and
Dealer any
100% Minor £100
Player Suited
£50 N/A
Player Straight
(2 suited
consecutive cards)
£5 N/A
Player Straight
(2 consecutive
£2 N/A

Envy Bonus

The Envy Bonus is awarded to all players that have an active Ace King Progressive Side Bet when another player hits a qualifying hand on the same round. The Envy bonus payment occurs regardless of whether the player with the qualifying hand has placed an Ace King Progressive bet.

House Edge: 19.17%

Meter Seed Contribution: 4.45%

Fixed Pay Contribution: 55.64%

Envy Contribution: 2.74%

Contribution Rate: 18%

T&C: Please note that all Grosvenor Casinos Ace King Suited Progressive Jackpot payouts will need to be verified by the casino management prior to payment. Payment verification can take over 24 hours but we will advise you on this process at the time the jackpot is won. Winning jackpot hands will also result in a period of game downtime whilst procedural checks are completed, we apologise in advance of any inconvenience caused.





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