Nicky Piper Charity Tourno – The sporting greats turn out for a go at the table

It’s not every day Britain’s next world boxing champion threatens to knock you out, but then again it’s not every day you get to play poker with sporting champions past and present in the name of charity.

I was in Cardiff for the Joshua Foundation poker tournament, organised by the charity’s fundraising officer, former Commonwealth light-heavyweight boxing champ Nicky Piper.

This is the second of these events Nicky has set up with G Casino, and along with a number of sports stars, I had a £50 bounty on my head for anyone who knocked me out.

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WSOP Part 1 – Big hands don’t always mean bigger pay-outs

My WSOP take-home ticket:
Don’t worry about protecting a big hand when folding or calling is the obvious correct form of play.

What a whirlwind start to my 2011 World Series of Poker.

After less than a day at home following a week in Magaluf for my mate James’s stag do, I headed to Vegas, landing at 9pm Wednesday, and after dinner with housemate Karl Mahrenholz, Nick Gibson, Skalie and Tim Blake, tried to get over the eight hour time difference in time to be up for midday and the $1500 PLHE.

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GUKPT Champion of Champions – Grosvenor rally up the troupes

Coventry in December, what could be better? Don’t answer that. Let’s rephrase that. £150,000 for free, what could be better? Now my enthusiasm’s back, Coventry or Baghdad, I’m in for free money!

A quick phonecall from Neil Channing, who thoughtfully had booked himself a train to Cov on Saturday morning, and as plan was formed, turn up early, buy myself a ticket (no honestly, it’s fine Neil, and thanks for paying me almost the full price for the ticket I booked you to the last comp in Blackpool, too kind) and join the Sensei for the hour hop to the Midlands, bash up some fellow champs and escape with some of the £150k kindly added, yes ADDED, to this free comp for anyone who had won a GUKPT affiliated tournament in 2010 by Grosvenor.

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GUKPT Manchester – Where a super aggro attacking style seems to work

My Manchester take-home ticket:
Take risks and experiment with your tournament style. This way, any player is forced to stay on top of their game.

I love going to Manchester any time, but after months without a GUKPT, it was with extra vigour I boarded the train up north to play the first leg of 2011.

The return of the tour is like the first day of a new school year, a chance to catch up with old friends before getting on with the hard work ahead. This year there’s been some tweaks to the way the tour works and the £300,000 of ADDED money is distributed.

A nice starter was registering online on the Blue Square/G Casino site got me into every tournament juice free, so as I checked into what can loosely be described as my hotel, I was ready for the £500 comp having paid £500 to enter, not the £550 those turning up at the casino on the day were charged.

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