WSOP Europe – Chances galore, not sore

When the world’s poker elite come to London every September for the World Series of Poker Europe, it almost feels as if us Brits have home advantage, having played away from home for six weeks in Vegas.

Of course home advantage doesn’t mean much in poker, but being able to wake up every morning in your own bed, not having to play Russian roulette with the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign and the illiterate maid, and being able to grab some breakfast from the fridge rather than looking for a restaurant and hoping their service isn’t too tardy before kick-off all have little benefits which make playing poker a bit easier.

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UKIPT Manchester – Running up a stack is essential for big money

Having suffered a day-one exit at the year’s first UKIPT at DTD in February, I was determined to put on a better show at the Manchester leg.

I’d seen all sorts of play in Nottingham, the odd really good player, but an awful lot of really odd players. People folding out of turn, mucking when checking was free, checking behind with the nuts, there’s certainly plenty of value about in these tournaments.

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WSOP Part 3 – Premiership footballers play poker too

I’m not saying I’m having an unlucky run, but at the moment I feel like if I was one of Pamela Anderson’s triplets, I’d be the one on the bottle.

Vegas is a place with nowhere to hide when you’re not running great, but rather than get you down you have to remain positive – we’re so lucky to play poker for a living, and if the cards seem against you and you can’t win a race at the moment, just think that when the probabilities even out the number of races you’re gonna win.

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WSOP Part 2 – Aggro and irksome players are always a big challenge

Phil Helmuth tweeted this week: “SO UPSET!! Even my tablemates felt bad for me! Took indescribable bad beats”. I used to think he was a bit of an idiot for talking like that…now I’m beginning to empathise.

The $5k shootout was a tournament I was really looking forward to, 15,000 starting chips and generally a load of people who don’t know how to win sit n go’s.

Two hands in, it went raise to 200 UTG, next to speak calls 200, mid position….allin for 15k. I liked my table! We had one guy who must have three bet 50% of the hands we’d played in levels one and two, a ridiculous amount.

When someone played back with a four bet he five bet shoved A5 off and got three against AK. At the break I asked Chris Moorman about him.

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