GUKPT Manchester – Bridesmaids can still make a profit

Manchester holds some mixed memories at a poker table. And when I say mixed, I mean bad.

It was at GUKPT Manchester four years ago when I went head-to-head with the phenomenon that is Moorman…not Chris, but his old man Simon. We both had massive stacks as we got down to three or four tables.

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UKIPT Newcastle – A tournament riddled with superstitions

Superstitions. They’re a load of old nonsense really aren’t they? I think so, though I had my fingers crossed as I said that so it doesn’t count.

After the first break of day two of the UKIPT Newcastle, I’d gone from table chip leader to short stack, having won one pot (despite countless attempts), and that being a squeeze preflop which got through.

So when I returned to my seat determined to spin up my last 12 big blinds, a shiny gold coin under my seat felt like a sign.

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GUKPT London – The online poker generation still have some things to learn

My London take-home ticket:
Online players, before going into live poker, should learn the live aspects first. These are two very separate fields, with live poker requiring not to try to win the pot every time, otherwise you’ll come up short.

Playing poker professionally throws plenty of challenges your way, particularly the seemingly never-ending production line of excellent, experienced and eager young upstarts.

GUKPT London seemed to be chock-full of such players. When the topic of conversation in the bar among the latest crop is how past it Chris Moorman is and how the game has moved on since his heyday, it’s easy to feel like an old man in a young man’s game.

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