GCOOP Day 5: The Prince of PLO

Day 4 of the Grosvenor Championship of Online Poker bore witness to a truly extraordinary Pot Limit Omaha performance. ‘hsmyth’ managed to achieve the implausible, winning BOTH GCOOP #6 PLO events! A first ever GCOOP double crown! Take a bow ‘hsmyth’ and enjoy two chunky payouts to go along with your current top spot on the £12,000 GUKPT Passport Leaderboard. The Redtooth freezeouts also saw two new names added to the GCOOP winners roster, ‘ciiiiii’ and ‘afin66’, the latter of which scooped a £1200 Redtooth Vegas Package to go alongside their winnings.
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GCOOP Day 4: Turbo Takedowns

Day 4 of the Grosvenor Championship of Online Poker was a fast and frenzied affair. The deepstack turbo structure of the night’s two events left no room for complacency as the blinds rapidly and mercilessly increased. Players were forced to adapt their play, shifting from big-stack to short-stack mentality as the average chip stack swung from 500 big blinds down to 15 big blinds in less than a couple of hours. The two tournaments ploughed ceaselessly onwards amidst the chaos until our two GCOOP victors were crowned.

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GCOOP Day 3: Heads-up Heros and Freezeout Finalists

Day 3 of the Grosvenor Championship of Online Poker saw packed schedule of 4 simultaneous events. Players gunning for the £12,000 GUKPT Passport, that will grant them entry into every 2018 GUKPT main event, will have found themselves multi-tabling 2 heads-up tournaments and 2 APAT freezeouts – no small feat. It was another BIG night of online poker as all but one of the guarantees were smashed and the players and pros alike went toe-to-toe on the virtual felt for juicy paydays, leaderboard points and, of course, bragging rights.

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