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My Satellite Trip for Vegas 2019

This summer at we will be sending 20+ people to play the Big 50 and more importantly have a brilliant week in Vegas.


Last year I had a blast. It was my first Vegas trip as a Grosvenor sponsored pro and I loved everything about it. The meet and greet was great to get to know people and we had nights out planned the whole week as well as a trip to the boneyard (Neon graveyard where all the redundant signs from Vegas over the years were originally dumped – since been turned into a Museum) which was really enjoyable. The way in which the town has developed from a watering hole in the middle of the desert to the monstrosity it is now still surprises me.

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Grosvenor poker satellite

My Vegas trips with Grosvenor

Twice within the last two years I’ve managed to win my way to Las Vegas as an online qualifier with Grosvenor. These trips provided me with memories that I’ll never forget as well helping me score my biggest cashes so far. The team from Grosvenor online look after you so well and make sure you have a great experience when you are not at a poker table. I can imagine that this year’s trip is only going to be even better, especially as it is the 50th Anniversary for the WSOP. The buzz around the poker rooms will be something else. If you only did one thing this summer, qualify to get yourself to Vegas!

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Poker – When is Old, Old?

Last year I had a big 50th birthday party at our local cricket club and I remember the cards and the jokes. The one I liked the best was ‘if you haven’t grown up by age 50, you don’t have to.’

‘Looking 50 is great (if you are 60) ‘ Joan Rivers said. Age is relative. I remember working at Citibank when I was 22 and thinking my boss was ‘well old’ at 30. When I was 30 I knew I still had the majority of my adult life still left. At 40 I told myself people were living longer these days. But it just matters what you compare it to, that’s all.

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