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How to play casino in the USA: Differences between American and UK casinos

For many Brits a holiday in America is not complete without a trip to a casino.

Many will be expecting a similar experience to what they become accustomed to in the UK, however, there are a lot of differences between the UK casinos in comparison to those in America.

In this blog, we will look at some of the differences in more detail and get you prepared for a visit to a US casino.

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GUKPT poker players

2019 Promise with Grosvenor

Season 13 of the GUKPT starts this week at the Vic with 400+ players expected for the Main Event, battling out for a £100k+ first prize.

The UK’s best breeding ground

The UK’s original and oldest tour maintains its position as the best in the business, going from strength to strength last year as displayed by the 433 runners leg 1 at the Vic attracted in 2018.

Again the £200k guarantee is expected to be smashed for the £1110 buy-in Main Event, featuring the usual two day ones on Thursday and Friday, day two on Saturday and the final on Sunday, all once again covered by the HD live stream provided by Cardroom Direct, the best team around.

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GCOOP Recap: Bricks, Satellites and Super High Rollers

4 Days 4 Disappointments

GCOOP kicked off this week and I have been grinding every night in the hope of winning the £12,000 GUPKT passport. It has been fun so far; the events are good value and there are plenty of team Grosvenor pros to try and knock out. I have enjoyed the grind but the results so far have been less than stellar:

On day one I play every event and bust everything. Not the ideal start but that’s fine, sometimes you can’t get anything going.

On day two I play every event and bust everything.

Day three rolls along and I play every event and bust everything. I think I see a pattern.

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Beevers On GCOOP

People often ask me whether I play online or whether I prefer live poker or online poker. For many it’s a direct comparison or choice but for me it’s different. When I started out playing the internet didn’t exist, let along online poker rooms! I grew up playing live and that is where I believe my strengths lie.

Having said that I was there when online poker was born. How many of you remember Planet Poker with Mike Caro (opened in 1998) and Paradise Poker too? All games were limit and to start with there were no tournaments. I do remember when Paradise introduced waitress service and you could order a cup of tea or a cocktail – Oh and the donuts! Who remembers ordering those and they appeared right next to you, pink icing and the chocolate ones!?

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