Andy Hills

Small Cards, Major Wagers

“If at first you don’t succeed, try five more times so your failure is statistically significant.”

Tournament poker is the ultimate game of perseverance. Even the best players can expect to cash in fewer than 20% of competitions, so losing streaks can easily run into the hundreds of games.

It takes a certain type of personality to grind tourneys; arguably my previous life as a software developer equipped me well.
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10 Memorable Slow Rolls

Slow rolling (the act of taking excessive time to call a large final bet, when you have the strongest hand) is a part of poker games that certainly divide opinion.

For some, it’s an easy way of tilting or upsetting an opponent, while for others, it’s an egregious breach of poker etiquette that’s unsportsmanlike and unnecessary.

Whatever your opinion, it’s fair to say that we’ve seen some memorable slow rolls over the years. Here are some of the most controversial!
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Where do you rank in the poker food chain?

Think you’re king of the card table? Know a belly buster from a boat?

Exercise your pre-flop muscles by taking our quiz, and see where you fit into the poker food chain. Will you be a great white shark or a goldfish?

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10 Years of Vegas

This summer will be my tenth visit to Las Vegas, a 10 year anniversary, if you like. Since when I turned 21 my Grandmother gave me the exact Birthday present I’d been pleading for; a flight to Vegas and a two week stay at MGM Grand.

Since that trip I’ve managed to get out to Vegas every year and whilst my excitement and love for the city has peaked and troughed throughout the years (moreso during the longer stays), my enthusiasm for this year’s visit couldn’t be higher. A lot might have changed since my Vegas cherry was popped 10 years ago but my appreciation for being able to go to such an intense, vibrant and addictive city never will.

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