Match the Poker Quote to the Player

Whether using quick wit or illustrious charm, what is said at the poker table can determine who comes away with the final pot.

So it’s no wonder poker pros prioritise their wordplay, sometimes to the point where it becomes part of their poker persona. With their trademark one-liners, only the staunchest poker fans can match poker quotes to pros.

Are you up to the challenge? There’s only one way to find out…

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Lessons learnt in Vegas

#belikebill – a guide to big events

Here’s a few tips brought to you by sponsored pro Richard Trigg. New to the Grosvenor roster this year, Rick “theclaimeer” Trigg has nearly $5 million in online poker winnings along with $700,000 in live earnings. A WSOP final tablist and a GUKPT winners, he has given a fun and informative guide on how to prepare and play in the big events this year.

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Did This Poker Pro Win a WSOP Bracelet?

Have you always dreamt of pitting your wits against the world’s best poker players? Now you can. As part of our Road to Vegas promotion, we are giving Grosvenor Poker players the chance to win one of 21 x £3,500 “Millionaire Maker” Vegas packages.

But before you start packing your bags, it’s important you size up the competition. Take our poker quiz and see whether you’re ready to take on the WSOP…

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A Desert Poker Pilgrimage

I’ve become hooked on playing poker in new locations. I can’t quite pinpoint why—I’ve always had hermit tendencies, never having been very adventurous when it comes to travel, and have always immersed myself in rather reclusive pastimes. My poker life began as a solitary, single-minded pursuit, and I can still quite happily lock myself away in a room and play online for weeks on end, only leaving my computer to sleep and eat. (Plus the stuff every proficient tournament pro must cram into the hourly 5-minute break.)

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