A Champion is Born

Andy Hills

Andrew “LogJam” Hills steamrolls the £10,000 GUKPT Passport promotion.

After two months of serious battling on the felt, the new face of has been born. Seriously impressive online results and a third in the Salford 25/25. His final table conversion rate was nothing short of astounding, with 13 final tables resulting in no less than 7 outright victories. Here are his thoughts on the passport and his victory.

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Play Every Leg of GUKPT 2017 With This Promotion!

When Grosvenor announced they were giving away a £10,000 GUKPT Passport I had to contact HQ to make sure it wasn’t a misprint….it looks too good to be true!

But it IS true, win the leader board and you get to play every leg of the 2017 GUKPT on Grosvenor, 10 shots at winning the kind of money that can change lives, plus three night in a hotel at every leg, and £150 to cover expenses.

The GUKPT Passport promotion launched on November 3rd, but don’t worry, you can opt in until January 1st so you still have plenty of time to catch up and pass those already on the leader board.

If you have already cashed, especially in one of those valuable 50% live boost tournaments such as the London 25/25 or Blackpool just opt-in and you will automatically be added to the leader board.

Some of these promotions seem to go on forever, but this one runs for just 10 weeks, until January 8th, and you can score points in both live events in Grosvenor Casinos and online events at

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Mind on the Grind in Luton

Sometimes in poker you just don’t get the cards or situations to do anything.

All around you people are flopping sets, or finding the aces when someone else has got kings, or getting there with their draw against someone who doesn’t want to fold their big hand. And all you can do is sit and watch.

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Bigger is Better at the Goliath

The Goliath is quickly becoming my favourite event held in the UK….mind I’m not alone, as over 5200 people joined me in making it the biggest live tournament ever held outside Las Vegas!

Talking of Vegas, this was my first time playing since seven weeks in Sin City, and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Goliath is what every poker tournament should be – a huge range of people from all walks of life coming together to play a game in a fun environment, and all of it superbly organised by the Grosvenor Poker team and their excellent dealers.

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