10 memorable slow rolls

Slow rolling (the act of taking excessive time to call a large final bet, when you have the strongest hand) is a part of poker games that certainly divide opinion.

For some, it’s an easy way of tilting or upsetting an opponent, while for others, it’s an egregious breach of poker etiquette that’s unsportsmanlike and unnecessary.

Whatever your opinion, it’s fair to say that we’ve seen some memorable slow rolls over the years. Here are some of the most controversial!
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Andy Hills

Sing When You’re Winning

It takes one hell of a pummelling to sap my desire to play poker.

On Sunday I bricked 19 straight tourneys online. I closed my poker windows, cracked open a beer and had a chat with my mate. He had bricked 15 straight tourneys. All things being equal, the odds of our combined brickage should be in the order of 400/1 against. You have to laugh.

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Calculating Pot Odds: How Much Do You Know?

Knowing how to calculate poker odds can really cut the wheat from the chaff. It allows you to calculate the risk and reward for any given decision while promoting a more consistent and advanced approach to poker.

Quite simply, it lets you make good decisions. How well do you know how to calculate poker odds?

Take our quiz and find out whether you’re top of the class or a numbers novice.

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A Trip of a Lifetime

This summer, Grosvenor are taking at least 20 lucky poker players on the trip of a lifetime to Las Vegas. Each player will receive an all-expenses paid holiday (worth a whopping £2,500!) and a buy-in to the biggest poker tournament on the planet: The Colossus.

Kit Goodman-Edwards, a UK student poker player, is one of six people to have already bagged a ticket. We caught up with him to find out how he won his ticket, and how he plans on taking down the $1,000,000 first prize in Vegas.

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