What to expect at Goliath: an interview with Will Kassouf

How many times have you heard about “the fight of the century”, “a miracle” or an “unbelievable performance” during a relatively forgettable sporting event? Hyperbole like this seamlessly rolls from the tongues of sports commentators as effortlessly as taking a breath.

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Vegas Baby!

The first time I went to Las Vegas was in July 1994. I stayed at the Flamingo (then the Flamingo Hilton). This was one of the first Vegas casinos opened by Bugsy Siegel in 1946. Almost opposite the Flamingo stands the Bellagio, one of my favourites and where I got married at the end of the WSOP in 2005. Except back in 1994 the Bellagio wasn’t there – it was the site of the Dunes.
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How to run deep in large-field poker tournaments

When you make a top-three finish in a large-field tournament. you can expect to see a hefty return on your initial buy-in. Take the Goliath for example, the largest tournament outside Las Vegas. Had you finished first in last year’s event, your initial £120 buy-in would have swelled to a cool £62,750! An outlay like this is incredible – just ask Vamshi Vandanapu, last year’s winner.

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