GCOOP Recap: Bricks, Satellites and Super High Rollers

4 Days 4 Disappointments

GCOOP kicked off this week and I have been grinding every night in the hope of winning the £12,000 GUPKT passport. It has been fun so far; the events are good value and there are plenty of team Grosvenor pros to try and knock out. I have enjoyed the grind but the results so far have been less than stellar:

On day one I play every event and bust everything. Not the ideal start but that’s fine, sometimes you can’t get anything going.

On day two I play every event and bust everything.

Day three rolls along and I play every event and bust everything. I think I see a pattern.

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Fun, Flops & Freerolls! Katie Swift on GCOOP

Get ready for a fun week playing online, as GCOOP returns! Enjoy some friendly competition, great value, have a chat in the lobby and still be in bed by midnight after taking down a comp and winning some real money. It’s an online festival week that has proved popular in the past and isn’t set to disappoint this time round!

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GCOOP III: Everything You Need To Know

GCOOP is coming back, and whether you’re a full-time pro or an ambitious recreational player, Grosvenor Poker’s online tournament series could change your life!

There’s £15,000 added across the week long festival – 25th November to December 2nd – including that all-important £12k GUKPT passport that will see the most successful player entered into every GUKPT Main Event in 2019.

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Tips for Becoming a Professional Poker Player

Have you ever watched a Grosvenor Poker stream and thought how easy it looks? After all, you just need to have a strategy and a bit of luck on your side and you’re on to a winner, right? Well, not quite.

Away from the glitz and glamour of the studios and TV cameras (we’re looking at you, Mr Kassouf), the life of a poker professional can be a stressful one. Really, really, stressful.

Think you’ve got what it takes to be a professional poker player? Here’s just a handful of the essentials you will need to consistently crush at the felt.

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