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How to Know if an Online Casino is Safe to Play

Land-based casinos have a multitude of security measures in place to ensure that every time you choose to play you have a safe environment. Comprehensive security is far more difficult to achieve online so make sure you follow our guide to spot which casinos are safe to play online.

The rumour mill is rife with chatter about the dangers of gambling online. But is there any truth to the stories or are they merely internet gossip? There are always two sides to every story, and it’s important for any player to understand how to know if an online site is safe to play.

Unlike land-based establishments, there is no eye in the sky or group of well-dressed burly men to ensure your safety when you play online. Legitimate businesses have the interests of punters like you at heart and will put measures in place to limit risk. However, where there are saints, there are also sinners and a whole host of exploitative gambling sites.

Equip yourself with the knowledge you need to pick out these unsafe sites by running down our list of factors to consider when playing online. Read our blog today and enjoy much safer and more secure gambling.

Characteristics of a Safe Online Site

There are hundreds of gambling sites in existence, but not all are a safe bet. Take note of the following characteristics of safe options, internalise them and make sure to use them as a checklist before you commit to any gambling site in the future.

Accessible Licensing Information

Online gambling does not fall outside the boundaries set by gambling regulatory bodies. Legislation is taken as seriously as that of their land-based counterparts. The focus is to protect players from being exploited and this evident is through the conditions that operators must fulfil. Chief among these requirements is the need for standard security software. SSL encryption technology is the security system that is employed across gambling sites and has continued to prove effective. As a punter, it is strongly advised that you check your chosen site is licensed and has fulfilled the security requirements of that license.

Firms Providing Software

Reputation is everything in business, so rest assured that the most dependable and credible software firms would think twice before being associated with a dubious brand. A primary area of concern for these software development firms would be the security systems put in place. Not to be used as a criterion on its own, punters can definitely assess the safety by checking what firms provide software alongside the other factors to consider in this blog.

Support Services

There is nothing more frustrating than working with a business whose support is scarce and unresponsive. Not only is customer support an indication of the quality of service, it also demonstrates a certain level of credibility. A legitimate company will have a comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions section as well as a responsive support team that is ready and eager to assist with any questions you may have. Important questions you may want to ask are those that revolve around the safety and security of the site.

Banking Information

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Earlier, we alluded to the fact that reputable companies and organisations tend to associate with each other. It’s a two-way street that can also give you some insight into whether or not your choice is safe to play in. It is widely accepted that sites with approved banking methods rank highest in terms of safety.

Mobile Compatibility and Reviews

Given the rise of smartphones, it seems unlikely that a legit gambling site would be incompatible with mobile. However, besides the convenience that mobile compatibility offers, a mobile presence can also help players discern the site’s level of safety. If you’ve ever downloaded an app, you will know that (between the countless bot reviews) there are very detailed reviews given by actual users. This feedback, alongside other reviews on the web, can give you insights into credibility, safety and security.

5 Tell-tale Signs of a Fake Site

It’s one thing to be able to pick out a safe bet, but it’s another to spot a fake one. This guide is dedicated to helping you ensure you always play it safe. In this section, we’ll share 5 tell-tale signs to remember so you don’t get caught out by any fakes masquerading as legitimate gambling sites.

The Lack of a License

Important fact: Every casino requires a license to operate. If it does not have an operating license, you can bet your bottom dollar that it’s a fake or at the very least on its way to being blacklisted. No license, big red flag. Do not proceed with caution, do not proceed at all. There are more than enough licensed and legitimate alternatives for you to try and trust with your hard-earned money.

Bad Online Publicity

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The internet as we know it is a double-edged sword. The great thing about the internet is that virtually everything we do is online. The bad thing about the internet is that virtually everything we do is online. In this case, this happens to work in your favour. Establishments that tempt fate by choosing not to pay winnings or engaging in other scandalous behaviours will rarely get away with such behaviour unnoticed. These can usually be found on widely publicised lists of rogue gambling sites. Not every website that is featured on these lists is necessarily fake but each one should be approached with a definite degree of caution.

It’s always best to play it safe and choose well-established brands (Ideally, those that have been in operation for at least 5 years) with a good track record for reliability and dependability. Finally, while this is all helpful, you should also use your discretion when browsing bad press online because there are instances where sore losers simply use the internet to voice their biased and bitter opinions. We have all met/been a keyboard warrior in our day.

Vague Company Details & Information

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Trustworthy and safe casinos, across the board, are not sheepish about sharing details such as phone numbers, emails, addresses and ownership details. Conversely, illegitimate sites often have an overabundance of contact details which makes it difficult to establish any real communication. They also keep ownership details shrouded in mystery, presumably to avoid any accountability. Whenever there is no clear platform for communication or between you and a representative from the site, it is important to take the onus upon yourself to research more or to take your business elsewhere.

Missing Test Certificates

How many of us have had that niggling feeling in the back of our heads, questioning whether gambling games are fair? It’s certainly warranted. Legitimate places often prefer to show the credibility of their games. This is usually done by way of an audit by specialist companies that comprehensively test the fairness of online games. The results demonstrate that dealing is random and that the Returns to Players published (RTP%) are correct. What’s more, gambling sites are usually more than happy to share these results and undergo testing on a regular basis.

Casinos often include badges that showcase these certificates on the homepage of their website. However, this does not guarantee they are real. It is best to check the site of the testing company that carried out the audit before considering the badge real.

Limited Deposit Options

Ideally, there should be a range of deposit options available for you as the customer. Gambling sites that only offer a very limited selection of deposit options or dubious alternatives should be avoided. When this is the case, it is important to do your research and ensure that you’re dealing with a real, legitimate and credible business.

Play it Safe

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If you’re an online gambler, safety and security are not to be taken lightly. You submit both financial and personal information when using a gambling site. This sensitive information is required for registration as well as verification, but if placed in the wrong hands could be fraudulently used.

We don’t take safety for granted, which is why we’ve put stringent security measures in place to protect the integrity of your personal information. A testimony to our dedication to providing the highest standard of service is our status of being one of the most realistic live experiences on the web with fully-trained real dealers that make you feel like you’re playing at a real casino.

From live roulette to live poker and online sports betting, we have games for everyone to enjoy.

Our games are available live 24/7, with a dedicated helpline and online chat to give you fully comprehensive support whenever you need it.

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