Monthly Archives: July 2016

Playing For The Win In Sin City

Even after all these years, and knowing all about variance, how to handle downswings, how hard Vegas can be, and how easy it is to go through a succession of events bricking everything, it’s still a massive relief to get your first cash of the trip on the board.

Winning the Big O comp at Planet Hollywood put a new pep in my step, and I couldn’t wait to get back to the tables and play some more.

This year’s trip to Vegas had started with lots of fun events with the group of qualifiers Grosvenor Poker had flown across to play in the Colossus.

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What’s That Coming Over the Hill, it’s Goliath!

You can almost hear those giant footsteps that mean only one thing….GOLIATH IS COMING!

For those who’ve somehow missed the buzz created by this mammoth poker tournament and festival over the past six years, let me describe Goliath as this – it’s the closest thing to playing the World Series of Poker I’ve ever witnessed without being in Las Vegas.

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