You are where you eat: London’s best dining experiences

There’s no shortage of food in the capital, but scratch the surface and there’s a wealth of venues offering new and exciting niche dining experiences. These alternative foodie finds are great for bringing more to the table than just a plate of spaghetti. Both thrill seekers and tech-lovers will particularly enjoy these game-changers. 

For something different


 Dans Le Noir provides a unique opportunity to evolve your taste buds. Attempt to eat your dinner in a pitch-black room, where the darkness will heighten your sense of taste and smell – it adds a completely different dimension to dining out. Just be sure to book your specific time slot early in advance. 

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For tech-lovers   


Addicted to your Smartphone? Inamo is the perfect destination for you. Serving up delicious Asian-fusion dishes including dim sum and sushi, order your meal from your table using their interactive illustration, projected onto your table. We recommend the mind-blowing black cod and seafood gyoza.

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For thrill seekers

Dinner sky

Give dinner the fear factor by dangling high above the Thames as you nibble on haute cuisine. This is one for the brave-hearted as a table of diners are hoisted into the air and suspended from a crane. Having said this, it’s difficult to work out what happens when you desperately need the loo…

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For opera lovers


Opulent restaurant Sarastro offers something more for the average theatre and opera-goer. Take your seat in one of their elevated booths and get ready, because the show really must go on. Expect live opera performances and on Mondays a string quartet. The ambience spills into the food with a Mediterranean and Turkish themed menu – a tasty end to your night of high culture.

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For treasure seekers


The Gingerline is a pop-up dining experience like no other. The venue is top secret and only revealed on the night you are dining, when you’ll be asked to arrive at a designated station and then find markers to guide you towards your feast. According to previous attendees it’s a night packed with drama, cabaret and, of course, incredible food!










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