UKSPC 2019 Main Event Day 1C

UKSPC Day 1C Friday Blog

The Coventry Ricoh Arena hosts the Uk Student Poker Championships.

Today is Day 1C and you can follow all the action which begins at 12pm.



Patrick Gifford Wins The Package – 23:15

It’s all over as Patrick Gifford wins, calling Matthews shove with K-10 and beating the K-9 of Matthew.

Matthew finishes second and receives nothing!

Patrick Gifford wins the £5,000 Team Grosvenor Package!!



Heads Up! – 22:30

We are now heads up between Patrick Clifford and Matthew Todd. 

Patrick has a 2-1 chip lead.




Day 1C Chip Counts – 22:15

43 players have made it through today.

Full chip counts below:


Mirang Patel 300,300
Harry Chapman 244,600
Wai Chan 223,900
Alexander Shipp 215,400
Nathan Adshead 172,300
Thomas Lings 168,800
Shervin Ghassemlou 156,200
Phil Chorlton 144,600
Matthew Nollett 141,800
Miles Jonah Schechter 139,800
Danny Petros 138,000
Henry Morgan 130,400
Thomas Upshall 126,600
Oliver Burgess 114,500
Adam Stuart Latchford 111,800
Tom Poulton 106,100
Jack William Nicholls 98,000
Jason Alves 96,900
Kingshuk Ghosh 91,700
Oliver Garland 90,400
Martin Robinson 89,600
Marcin Chowalko 84,700
Anthony Tevola 84,100
Wai Ken Tang 82,100
Alexander John 78,000
Sachin Gulrajani 72,100
Thomas Page 70,700
Patrick Smallman 67,400
Elliott Franklin 59,400
James Kinch 59,300
Yasmin Wells 58,500
Jack Nardiello 55,800
Kristian Eriksson 55,200
Matthew Shaw 54,100
Harry Sowersby 53,000
Samuel Jordan 47,100
James Munday 42,700
George Benbow 35,300
Martin Kopernicky 29,300
Luke Bennett 25,700
Calum James Goodwin 23,000
Jack Baguley 22,600
Tim Joyner 17,800

We will be back tomorrow for Day 2 of the Main Event with 113 players coming back.



4 Remaining – 21:50


5th – Michael Todd
6th – William Blanchard



Down To 7 – 21:20

Blair Matheson is the first player to bust the playoff as we are now down to the final 7.



Main Event Finishes – 21:01

The Main Event has just finished in the room. Around 45 players have made it through to Day 2.

Full chip counts will be up with you as soon as possible.



 Still 8 Remaining – 20:15

An hour into play and we are still 8 handed in the Package playoff.

No one making too many moves being played as the players are really deep.



Team Grosvenor Playoff – 19:15

Good luck to:

Alex Howell
William Blanchard
Blair Matheson
Charlie Stableford
Matthew Todd
Michael Wigram
Pedro Sequeiros
Patrick Gifford

One of them is going to win a £5,000 #TeamGrosvenor Package.

Who are you rooting for?

Stream –


Break Time – 18:30

The main event players go on a break as we are now going to flick our attention to the



Live Day Ones Closed – 17:45

770 Entries in total for the #UKSPC Main Event with the Live Day ones now finished.
If you haven’t yet made Day 2 there is a last chance online Day one that begins on tonight at 9:30pm.




Bust Outs – 17:25

Unfortunately, the players below can not re-enter and have busted the Main Event.

Darren Mo
Christopher Wathen
James Cook
Conor James Coules
Ha Bao Trung Le
Ian Malique Bin David Rashid
Joseph East



Massages – 17:01

Massages from Kara for players in the #UKSPC Main Event are half price.
50p a minute, minimum time of ten minutes.




Level 7 – 16:30

The players are back seated as we begin level number 7.

The blinds are 250/500 with a 500 ante.

140 players remaining from the 287 entries.




Break Time – 16:15

Break time now for the players as they take 15 minutes.


20 Mins of Reg – 16:10

There’s just twenty minutes of late registration remaining before we find out the total prizepool for the 2019 UKSPC Main Event.



Level Up – 15:40

The blinds increase as we begin the next level of play. They are now 2000/400 with a 400 ante.

240 entries so far today, this is the last level of late registration.



200 Entries – 15:10

Over 200 entries so far for Day1C giving us 715 entries in total with just under 90 minutes remaining of late registration.



Bust Outs – 14:40

Connor Kelly
Andrea King
Maxandre Brazell
Benedict Ruiz
Christian Robert Broughton
Oliver Robinson
Michael Allison
Connor Kelly
Steven Joseph Daglish




Goliath Trophy – 14:30

The Goliath Trophy lives in this Coventry Grosvenor Casino and it’s a hell of a trophy for what is the biggest tournament in Europe!

Check it out in reception.





Level Four – 14:15

The players are back seated as we begin level number four.

The blinds are now 100/200 with a 200 big blind ante.

180 players so far today.


Break Time – 14:01

Break time now for the players as they take 15 minutes.


Level Three – 13:20

The blinds increase as we begin level number three.

They are now 75/150.

158 entries so far today.



Early Exits – 13:01

Shervin Ghassemlou
Darren Mo
Adam Stuart Latchford
Jordan Watts
Robbin Neeft
Harry Chapman
Patrick Smallman
Samuel Hallam
Phillip Chorlton
Ashley Lamb
Steven Joseph Daglish
Thomas Lings



Level Up – 12:40

The blinds increase as we begin level number two of the day.

The blinds are now 50/100.

125 entries so far today.


Shuffle Up & Deal – 12:01

The cards are in the air as we begin Day 1C.

Blinds are 25/50 to start and we have 60 players registered for the first hand.



Players Called In – 11:55

The players have been called in to take their seats.

We will be underway in 5 minutes time.



Welcome To Day 1C – 11:45

Good morning and welcome back to The Ricoh Arena in Coventry.

Today Day 1C begins at 12pm.

– £30+£7 Buy in
– 15,000 starting stack
– 40 minute clock 
– Late registration till 4:30pm
– Unlimited re-entries

£15,000 collected so far.








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