UKSPC 2019 Main Event Day 1b

UKSPC 2019 Thursday Blog – 12:15

The Ricoh Arena Coventry Casino hosts the 2019 UKSPC.

Today Day 1b of the Main Event takes place as does the UKSPC Heads Up Championship!


Heads Up Result – 22:40


#UKSPC Heads Up Championship
£50 NLHE
Entries: 44

1st – £700 – Oliver White
2nd – £400 – Kingshuk Ghosh
3rd – £250 – Guy Leathley
4th – £250 – Ben Ruiz
5th – £150 – Cameron Hunt
6th – £150 – L.M
7th – £150 – Josh Benest
8th – £150 – Artjoms Zemcugovs



Wong Leads Day 1b – 21:30

Tsz Wong has finished on top of the 40 players who have bagged chips here on Day 1b from the 245 entries. That’s 70 players so far who have made it through to Saturdays Day 2.

Full chip counts of the 40 players are:


Tsz Wong 246,000
Thomas Raisey 185,000
Ashley Bishop 165,800
Dominik Mcquade 154,800
Bradley Watts 151,700
Luke Dunford 137,500
Isaac James Carlisle 136,900
Nicolas Bigham 136,100
Blair John Matheson 126,700
Ciaran Mccullagh 123,300
Harrison King 118,600
Martin Davidson 118,300
Catherine Bevan 114,500
Georgie Yotov 111,500
Samuel Hughes-narborough 109,600
Amy Stevens 107,200
Neil Lawson 105,700
Faris Mallick 103,100
Peter Daniels 99,500
Matthew Long 90,800
Lewis Cole 81,800
Kamil Borowski 79,900
Heval Agca 79,400
Haydn Drake 72,300
George Boumphrey 69,000
Brandon Butterfeild 65,800
Lindsay Kantorowicz 64,700
Ashley Vanstone 60,400
Grace Rolfe 58,100
Adam Gill 57,000
Jonas Neukirch 51,200
Annas Abu Hassan 45,200
Luke Jackson 40,000
Jonathan Chai Rashti 38,700
Sing Yeung 35,800
Thomas Beaudale 33,400
Philip Jenkins 32,800
George Roberts 30,000
Akshay Mirpuri 29,000
Samira Johnstonjones 23,400


We will be back tomorrow for the busiest day one, the third and final one. We’re expecting around 400 entries. Join us for another noon start.




Main Event Finished – 21:01

The Main Event has now finished for the day.

Full chip counts will be up with you as soon as possible.



The Final Begins – 20:10




Kingshuk Ghosh Through To The Final – 19:55

Kingshuk makes light work of Guy Leathley, winning 2-0 and heading through to the final to play Oliver White. They will begin in 10 minutes time.



Oliver White Advances – 19:40

Oliver White wins his Semi Final 2-0.

Ben Ruiz finishes in 4th place for £200.

Oliver advances to the final.


Heads Up Begins – 19:00

The first heads up Semi Final begins, Oliver White vs Ben Ruiz.

5,000 starting stack, blinds starting at 100/100.

Best of three.

Guy Leathley and Kingshuk Ghosh are waiting in the wings to play their semi final.


Break Time – 18:30

Break time for the players as they take 15 minutes.

We will now be concentrating on the heads up event.



Heads Up Streaming – 18:20

We will be streaming the UKSPC Heads Up Championship here in Coventry, starting at 7pm.

There are four players remaining so we are going to stream both semi finals and the final.

Find out who will become the champion by watching here –

The picture below is from last yeas GUKPT Grand Final.


Exits – 18:01





Level 9 – 17:55

The blinds increase as we begin level number 9.

They are now 400/800 with an 800 ante.

84 players remaining.




Omaha Side Event – 17:01

Katie Swift, Jeff Kimber & Andy Hills will be bounties in the Omaha event tonight which is open to all!
Event 7: 8Max PLO (Open to all)
Buy-in: £30+7
Start time: 7:30pm
Re-entry: Unlimited
Entry period: 135 mins
Clock: 4 x 30mins then a 20min clock
Starting stack: 25,000




Level 7 – 16:30

The players are back seated as we begin level number 7.

The blinds are now 250/500 with a 500 ante.

245 entries today, registration has now closed!




Break Time – 16:15

Break time now for the players as they take 15 minutes.



Heads Up – 16:10

The Inaugural UKSPC Heads Up Details:
All 8 qualifiers meet at the tournament area at 5pm.
We’ll do the seat draw at 5pm.
We’ll do two quarter finals at a time (4 players playing) and then the next 4 will come on afterwards (roughly 6pm).

Quarter Finals will be first to ONE win.
Semi Finals will be first to TWO wins.
The Final will be First to THREE wins.

NO DEALS allowed in the Heads Up.
We will live stream both the Semi finals and the Final Table.

Good luck to our 8 finalists!



What a Turn Card! – 15:30

A ridiculous turn card which results in a three way all in and Faris Mallick taking the huge pot. He now has 65,000!!




Cardroom Pics – 15:01


More Bust Outs – 14:30

Michael Hernandez
Jack Bevan
Grace Rolfe
Conor James Coules



Level 4 – 14:15

The players are back seated as we begin level number four.

The blinds are now 100/200 with a 200 big blind ante.

150 entries so far today.




Break Time – 14:01

Break time for the players as they take 15 minutes.



Level 3 – 13:20

The blinds increase as we begin level number three of the tournament.

They are now 75/150

130 entries.



Early Exits – 13:01

Joseph East
Solomon Olaleye
Philip Jenkins
Thomas Thorpe
Marcin Chowalko
Joseph East
Aaron Robinson
William Jarman
Ross Archer
Andrew Robert Dickson
Andrew Burton
Oliver Burgess
Harrison King
William Jarman



Level Up – 12:40

The blinds increase for the first time today as we begin level number two.

They are now 50/100.

110 entries so far today for Day 1b, with players still coming through the door.



Welcome To Day 1b – 12:01

Good Afternoon and welcome back to The Ricoh Arena for the UKSPC Main Event. Today we have Day 1b of the Main Event. There was 239 entries yesterday and today we are looking to try and get around 300 entries.

The tournament has just started with 60 players.

Tournament Info:

– £30+£7 Buy in
– 15,000 starting stack
– 40 minute clock 
– Late reg till 4:30pm
– £8,880 collected so far
– Unlimited re-entries

The players will be playing 12 levels of play today.

We’ll be with you providing you updates and pictures. The live stream is also running covering the Main Event. That runs on a thirty minute delay and begins at 12:25.






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