UCOP: What You Need To Know

Grosvenor Poker Twitch Streamer Jamie ‘JamNix90’ Nixon gives you the lowdown on this year’s UCOP: €1,000,000 guaranteed tournament series, including must-play tournies, top tips and leaderboard value.

There is nothing I love more than a poker series (don’t tell my family). Whether its online or live, the buzz around it is great, the leaderboards are in full flow and everyone in the field has already spent their fortunes in their heads before the first card has even been dealt.

The Stream

As a Twitch streamer, I love it when a good online series comes around as it gives me something to aim for other than just winning the tournaments I’m currently playing. It adds a two week long sweat to climb the leaderboard with the promise of huge prizes. It adds a story to the stream, where people can tune in every night and watch it like a documentary. It also brings a competitiveness out in me that you wouldn’t normally see (tune in to see some blow ups!)

The fun side of poker always returns during these fun couple of weeks and I can’t wait for the next one that I’m going to play- The €1,000,000 guaranteed Universal Championship Of Online Poker (UCOP) on Grosvenorpoker.com. Yep, I said €1,000,000. No typos.


The Series + The €20,000 Leaderboard

The series is going to run over two weeks (15-29 September) kicking off with a huge €20,000 guaranteed €22 rebuy which I would expect everyone (from the BencB’s of the world to the small stakes grinders) to add into their Sunday grind. It will also finish in style with a massive €110 Main Event with €100,000 guaranteed!!! Buy-ins start at just €2 and regardless of which stakes you play; you’ll have a shot at the €20k+ leaderboard… which has a MASSIVE top prize!

The fun thing about the leaderboard is that it gives everyone a chance. If you win a tournament, you get one point, if you come second, you get two points and so on. So, its not just going to be the person who wins the €320 high roller on the last day of the series that wins! Everyone has a shot, which is the reason poker is the greatest game on earth!


JamNix90 UCOP Leaderboard

On top of the UCOP official leaderboard, I am also going to run a leaderboard for those who tune in to my stream, with a €110 ticket for the winner! The benefit of you joining in with this fun, free promotion is that it will suit all bankrolls, as only events with an initial €22 buy in or below will count! Tune into my stream to find out more details. It could be the easiest €110 you ever win. *Events must be played on Grosvenor Poker *


Tournament of Champions

There’s also a tournament of champions at the end of UCOP for anyone who manages to win a UCOP event. This means that even if your main leaderboard hopes aren’t going too well, you can bink any of the tournaments and you’ve still got a shot at some added extra prizes! The top 8 places in the Tournament of Champions will be paid out as below:


Top UCOP Tips:

  • Set a budget and choose your tournaments – Decide in advance what tournaments you are going to play and decide your max spend. You can always add in extras and take shots if things go well. For every tournament you miss, you get max points for BUT fortunately, your 15 worst results (highest point scores) are discarded.


  • Keep track of where you are on the leaderboard – The top 20 players at the end of UCOP will all get a prize, so it makes sense to be checking where you are placed throughout in order to know what points you need! It may turn out that not busting a comp early, could lead to you winning the whole thing and receiving a €1550 tournament ticket package, a €1500 MPNPT package, €1000 cash and a ‘players choice prize’ where you can choose between another €1000 cash, €1500 MPNPT package or €1500 ticket package- Not bad for some added value and that’s just what the winner gets! Not to mention the trophy!


  • Study if you can – The field sizes in UCOP series will be bigger than they usually are on normal nights on Grosvenor Poker. If you haven’t played in big fields too often, brush up on your MTT game and work out how you’re going to play when pitted against 200+ other players. You can’t win the tournament in the first couple of levels, but you can certainly lose it, so patience is key. Take advantage of free content on Twitch and Youtube.


  • Snipe – I’ll be streaming the UCOP events on my Twitch channel (twitch.tv/jamnix90) and you can tune in and play along with me. You will be able to see everything that I’m doing on a 3.5-minute delay. This way, if we’re in the same tournament you will be able to see how I’m playing against you and this could come in handy if you get in a pot against me! I also give away £30 tickets to use on Grosvenor Poker, so you might be able to use that extra value to increase your bankroll!


  • Satellite your way to fortunes! – Satellites will be running in the Grosvenor Poker client throughout UCOP and this will be the cheapest way to get your way into the bigger buy ins! I can’t wait to see someone win the €100k main event after starting at the €1 level!!


Must Play Events

With 94 events in total, it’s going to be an action-packed fortnight! The ones I’m looking forward to most are:

  • Sun 15th Sep, 3pm: €5.50 Rebuy – €5,000 GTD
  • Sun 15th Sep, 7pm: €22 Rebuy – €20,000 GTD
  • Tue 17th Sep, 7pm: €22 Rebuy – €15,000 GTD
  • Thurs 19th Sep, 8pm: €2.20 1R1A – €1,000 GTD
  • Sat 21st Sep, 5.30pm: €55 Freezeout – €10,000 GTD
  • Sun 22nd Sep, 6pm: €110 6-Max Freezeout – €30,000 GTD
  • Mon 23rd Sep, 5pm: €11 Deepstack Freezeout – €2,500 GTD
  • Wed 25th Sep, 6pm: €22 6-Max Freezeout – €5,000 GTD
  • Fri 27th Sep, 8pm: €33 1R1A – €10,000 GTD
  • Sat 28th Sep, 8pm: €55 6-Max Freezeout – €10,000 GTD
  • Sun 29th Sep, 6pm: €320 High Roller – €45,000 GTD
  • Sun 29th Sep, 5pm: €110 Main Event – €100,000 GTD!!!!!!


I genuinely cannot wait for UCOP to begin. As I said, its not just the individual events that make it special, it’s the fact that everyone can be involved. Players who regularly play €3 comps will be pitted against those that punt their way through €215’s every night and have the opportunity to come out on top. It’s what makes poker special (well that and a big guarantee, €1m is a pretty special guarantee)


Make sure you download Grosvenorpoker.com to play UCOP and follow me on Twitch at Twitch.tv/jamnix90 as I will be giving away lots of prizes over the course of the next few weeks!


Best of luck to everyone! I hope you finish 2nd on the leaderboard…

Full UCOP information including schedule and prizes can be found here.






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