Goliath Pro: Tips for your first big live poker tournament

Is Goliath Your First big Live Tournament?

If so this might help…

The Goliath is a great opportunity for a low stakes or recreational player to experience a huge live multi-day event with a massive prize-pool for just £100+£25 buyin. In 2017 there were 6,385 entries and a first prize of £85,760. Many see the Goliath as their once a year World Championship and the must play event of the year!

With 750 seats guaranteed this year on grosvenorpoker.com, here are some pointers for players looking to qualify and dip their toes in their first big poker event.

I am often asked about playing live, particularly beginners ask what tips I can share to help make their first live event a success. Often this will be from players that have qualified online, and sitting in front of their PC is the total of their poker experience so far.

Here is my top ten for your first big live tournament : 

1. It’s the same game

You know the rules, you know what hands are good and which flops fit. You  won your satellite, you know what you are doing so don’t worry, it’s still the same game. Play your own game.

2 . OK, it’s the same game but it’s different

You are using physical chips and cards. Make sure you protect your hand, particularly if you are in seat 1 or 10 (next to the dealer). You can keep a hand on them on use a chip or card guard (luckily in 2019 the coveted Goliath chip protectors are back so keep an eye out for them).

3. Make sure your opponent can’t see your cards

Don’t hold them right up in front of you and be especially careful if you are in the middle seats, opposite the dealer, as your neighbour can easily see your cards if you aren’t careful.

4. Make your intentions clear

The handling and use of chips is something new and different to playing online. If you want to raise then say ‘raise’. It’s fine to announce the amount of your bet to make it clear. Be careful of ‘string bets’ – you must put all the chips that you are betting in at the same time and not bit by bit. Always speak your intentions if you are unsure.

5. Forget about what you have seen on TV

Poker on TV is heavily edited to show the big pots and often is just the later stages or final table of the event. The big ‘all-in’ moves you see are extremely rare in the early stages of a tournament.

6. Pay attention, even when not in pots

You may see players using iPads or phones and even watching movies whilst at the table. Apart from slowing the game down, they may miss vital information that can be used profitably later.

7. Headphones are not a great idea, you might miss something important

I have seen players miss a raise and ‘call’ in error due to headphones.

8. If you aren’t sure about something, ask the dealer

If you can’t see how much the bet is or how much a player has in front of them at the other end of the table then ask him, they are there to help you.

9. Don’t berate other players, even if they get lucky!

Everyone gets outdrawn sometimes.

10. Take your time, relax and think about the best decisions you can make.

Lastly and maybe the most important thing I can say is: Have Fun!

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