The Grosvenor Gent: Table Etiquette

Think you know what it takes to be a gent at the poker table?


Our very own Grosvenor Gent, Mark Wright, takes you through what he considers to be top table etiquette in a casino setting…

To uphold your gentlemanly persona in the casino, there are a few ways you can show ‘good practice’ at the table:
Try not to put your drink on the betting table. Mixing business with pleasure so openly should generally be avoided.
Money exchanges should take place on the table, and not by hand. Your dealer will expect this, so it’s always good to do things by the book.
Celebrate with the people around you. If you come into a lot of money, or receive a great hand, get the drinks in, tip the dealer, show the casino you’re here for a good time and not a long time.
So, what are your rules for being a true gentleman in the modern day? Do you have any extra tips and tricks for showing your gentlemanly prowess? We’d love to hear from you!
We’ll be releasing the Grosvenor Gent videos throughout August, so stay ahead of the style pack and be sure to check back to our Youtube Channel for more style and casino tips.








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