The Grosvenor Gent: Get Lucky In The Casino

Would you say you’re a lucky person?

As the old saying goes, a real man makes his own luck, and nothing is truer than when you’re faced with a poker table and a handful of chips. And that applies when you’re at an online casino as well!

Our very own Grosvenor Gent, Mark Wright, takes you through everything he thinks gets Lady Luck on his side!


According to Mark, there are a few things he thinks makes him lucky in the casino…

Although some might  make their own luck by following certain rituals and superstitions… a lucky pair of socks, a certain pair of shades or carrying yourself in a certain way, Mark makes the most of his surroundings, sometimes choosing the first number or colour he sees in the casino, or even taking himself out of the casino and opting for a friend’s birthday to help him make his number choices.

However, above all else, whatever your ritual, a gent needs to be decisive and stick with their decision – a true gent makes his own luck and isn’t dissuaded by the odd worry here and there.

So, what are your rules for being a true gentleman in the modern day? Do you have any extra tips and tricks for showing your gentlemanly prowess? We’d love to hear from you!

We’ll be releasing the Grosvenor Gent videos throughout August, so stay ahead of the style pack and be sure to check back to our Youtube Channel for more style and casino tips.

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