The complete Grand National winners list

The Grand National, one of the greatest racing spectacles of the season, is back!

With Aintree cancelled in 2020, the virtual televised race didn’t give us the usual Grand National buzz that we all love. Thankfully the real thing returns for 2021 and nothing beats the excitement of race day.

Potters Corner won last year’s Virtual Grand National, and this year predictions have already started pouring in, with many Ante-Post bets taking place on who will grab the coveted trophy and become the winner of the major event.

It is one, if not the, most bet on race in the UK horse racing calendar, while millions of people up and down the country are glued to their TV screens to watch the big race. Even those who are not regular punters or those who prefer online sports betting place a bet on the race. With a packed field of 40 runners each year, there are plenty of horses for people to choose from.

Here, we take a look back at the history of the big race and run you through some of the famous winners of the event from over the years.

We’ve gone back through the history books to compile the Grand National winners list from 1839 up until today.

Grand National winners list

Take a look back at all the winners of the Grand National over the years.

Year Horse Jockey Trainer SP Winning Time
2020 No race
2019 Tiger Roll Davy Russell Gordon Elliott 4/1 9m 1.0s
2018 Tiger Roll Davy Russell Gordon Elliott 10/1 9m 40.1s
2017 One For Arthur Derek Fox Lucinda Russell 14/1 9m 3.5s
2016 Rule The World David Mullins Mouse Morris 33/1 9m 29.0s
2015 Many Clouds Leighton Aspell Oliver Sherwood 25/1 8m 56.8s
2014 Pineau De Re Leighton Aspell Richard Newland 25/1 9m 9.9s
2013 Auroras Encore Ryan Mania Sue Smith 66/1 9m 12.0s
2012 Neptune Collonges Daryl Jacob Paul Nicholls 33/1 9m 5.1s
2011 Ballabriggs Jason Maguire Donald McCain, Jr. 14/1 9m 1.2s
2010 Don’t Push It Tony McCoy Jonjo O’Neill 10/1 JF 9m 4.6s
2009 Mon Mome Liam Treadwell Venetia Williams 100/1 9m 32.9s
2008 Comply or Die Timmy Murphy David Pipe 7/1 JF 9m 16.6s
2007 Silver Birch Robbie Power Gordon Elliott 33/1 9m 13.6s
2006 Numbersixvalverde Niall Madden Martin Brassil 11/1 9m 41.0s
2005 Hedgehunter Ruby Walsh Willie Mullins 7/1 F 9m 20.8s
2004 Amberleigh House Graham Lee Ginger McCain 16/1 9m 20.3s
2003 Monty’s Pass Barry Geraghty Jimmy Mangan 16/1 9m 21.7s
2002 Bindaree Jim Culloty Nigel Twiston-Davies 20/1 9m 8.6s
2001 Red Marauder Richard Guest Norman Mason 33/1 11m 0.1s
2000 Papillon Ruby Walsh Ted Walsh 10/1 9m 9.7s
1999 Bobbyjo Paul Carberry Tommy Carberry 10/1 9m 14.1s
1998 Earth Summit Carl Llewellyn Nigel Twiston-Davies 7/1 F 10m 51.5s
1997 Lord Gyllene Tony Dobbin Steve Brookshaw 14/1 9m 5.9s
1996 Rough Quest Mick Fitzgerald Terry Casey 7/1 F 9m 0.8s
1995 Royal Athlete Jason Titley Jenny Pitman 40/1 9m 4.1s
1994 Miinnehoma Richard Dunwoody Martin Pipe 16/1 10m 18.8s
1993 Race void
1992 Party Politics Carl Llewellyn Nick Gaselee 14/1 9m 6.4s
1991 Seagram Nigel Hawke David Barons 12/1 9m 29.9s
1990 Mr. Frisk Mr. Marcus Armytage Kim Bailey 16/1 8m 47.8s (record)
1989 Little Polveir Jimmy Frost Toby Balding 28/1 10m 6.9s
1988 Rhyme ‘n’ Reason Brendan Powell David Elsworth 10/1 9m 53.5s
1987 Maori Venture Steve Knight Andrew Turnell 28/1 9m 19.3s
1986 West Tip Richard Dunwoody Michael Oliver 15/2 9m 33.0s
1985 Last Suspect Hywel Davies Tim Forster 50/1 9m 42.7s
1984 Hallo Dandy Neale Doughty Gordon W. Richards 13/1 9m 21.4s
1983 Corbiere Ben de Haan Jenny Pitman 13/1 9m 47.4s
1982 Grittar Mr. Dick Saunders Frank Gilman 7/1 F 9m 12.6s
1981 Aldaniti Bob Champion Josh Gifford 10/1 9m 47.2s
1980 Ben Nevis Mr. Charlie Fenwick (USA) Tim Forster 40/1 10m 17.4s
1979 Rubstic Maurice Barnes John Leadbetter 25/1 9m 52.9s
1978 Lucius Bob Davies Gordon W. Richards 14/1 9m 33.9s
1977 Red Rum Tommy Stack Ginger McCain 9/1 9m 30.3s
1976 Rag Trade John Burke Fred Rimell 14/1 9m 20.9s
1975 L’Escargot Tommy Carberry Dan Moore 13/2 9m 31.1s
1974 Red Rum Brian Fletcher Ginger McCain 11/1 9m 20.3s
1973 Red Rum Brian Fletcher Ginger McCain 9/1 JF 9m 1.9s
1972 Well to Do Graham Thorner Tim Forster 14/1 10m 8.4s
1971 Specify John Cook John Sutcliffe 28/1 9m 34.2s
1970 Gay Trip Pat Taaffe Fred Rimell 15/1 9m 38s
1969 Highland Wedding Eddie Harty, Sr. Toby Balding 100/9 9m 30.8s
1968 Red Alligator Brian Fletcher Denys Smith 100/7 9m 28.8s
1967 Foinavon John Buckingham John Kempton 100/1 9m 49.6s
1966 Anglo Tim Norman Fred Winter 50/1 9m 52.8s
1965 Jay Trump Tommy Smith Fred Winter 100/6 9m 30.6s
1964 Team Spirit Willie Robinson Fulke Walwyn 18/1 9m 46.8s
1963 Ayala Pat Buckley Keith Piggott 66/1 9m 35.8s
1962 Kilmore Fred Winter Ryan Price 28/1 9m 50s
1961 Nicolaus Silver Bobby Beasley Fred Rimell 28/1 9m 22.6s
1960 Merryman II Gerry Scott Neville Crump 13/2 F 9m 26.2s
1959 Oxo Michael Scudamore Willie Stephenson 8/1 9m 37.8s
1958 Mr. What Arthur Freeman Tom Taaffe, Sr. 18/1 9m 59.8s
1957 Sundew Fred Winter Frank Hudson 20/1 9m 42.4s
1956 E.S.B. David Dick Fred Rimell 100/7 9m 21.4s
1955 Quare Times Pat Taaffe Vincent O’Brien 100/9 10m 19.2s
1954 Royal Tan Bryan Marshall Vincent O’Brien 8/1 9m 32.8s
1953 Early Mist Bryan Marshall Vincent O’Brien 20/1 9m 22.8s
1952 Teal Arthur Thompson Neville Crump 100/7 9m 21.5s
1951 Nickel Coin John Bullock Jack O’Donoghue 40/1 9m 48.8s
1950 Freebooter Jimmy Power Bobby Renton 10/1 F 9m 24.2s
1949 Russian Hero Leo McMorrow George Owen 66/1 9m 24.2s
1948 Sheila’s Cottage Arthur Thompson Neville Crump 50/1 9m 25.4s
1947 Caughoo Eddie Dempsey Herbert McDowell 100/1 10m 3.8s
1946 Lovely Cottage Capt. Bobby Petre Tommy Rayson 25/1 9m 38.2s
1941-45 No race
1940 Bogskar Mervyn Jones Lord Stalbridge 25/1 9m 20.6s
1939 Workman Tim Hyde Jack Ruttle 100/8 9m 42.2s
1938 Battleship Bruce Hobbs Reg Hobbs 40/1 9m 27.0s
1937 Royal Mail Evan Williams Ivor Anthony 100/6 9m 59.8s
1936 Reynoldstown Mr. Fulke Walwyn Noel Furlong 10/1 9m 37.8s
1935 Reynoldstown Mr. Frank Furlong Noel Furlong 22/1 9m 20.2s
1934 Golden Miller Gerry Wilson Basil Briscoe 8/1 9m 20.4s
1933 Kellsboro’ Jack Dudley Williams Ivor Anthony 25/1 9m 28.0s
1932 Forbra Tim Hamey Tom Rimell 50/1 9m 44.6s
1931 Grakle Bob Lyall Tom Coulthwaite 100/6 9m 32.8s
1930 Shaun Goilin Tommy Cullinan Frank Hartigan 100/8 9m 40.6s
1929 Gregalach Robert W H Everett Tom Leader 100/1 9m 47.4s
1928 Tipperary Tim Mr. Bill Dutton Joseph Dodd 100/1 10m 23.4s
1927 Sprig Ted Leader Tom Leader 8/1 F 10m 20.2s
1926 Jack Horner William Watkinson Harvey Leader 25/1 9m 36.0s
1925 Double Chance Maj. John Wilson Fred Archer, Jr. 100/9 9m 42.6s
1924 Master Robert Bob Trudgill Aubrey Hastings 25/1 9m 40.0s
1923 Sergeant Murphy Capt. Tuppy Bennett George Blackwell 100/6 9m 36.0s
1922 Music Hall Lewis Rees Owen Anthony 100/9 9m 55.8s
1921 Shaun Spadah Fred Rees George Poole 100/9 10m 26.0s
1920 Troytown Mr. Jack Anthony Algy Anthony 6/1 10m 20.4s
1919 Poethlyn Ernie Piggott Harry Escott 11/4 F 10m 8.4s
1916-18 No race
1915 Ally Sloper Mr. Jack Anthony Aubrey Hastings 100/8 9m 47.8s
1914 Sunloch Bill Smith Tom Tyler 100/6 9m 58.8s
1913 Covertcoat Percy Woodland Robert Gore 100/9 10m 19.0s
1912 Jerry M Ernie Piggott Robert Gore 4/1 JF 10m 13.4s
1911 Glenside Mr. Jack Anthony R. H. Collis 20/1 10m 35.0s
1910 Jenkinstown Robert Chadwick Tom Coulthwaite 100/8 10m 44.2s
1909 Lutteur III Georges Parfrement Harry Escott 100/9 9m 53.8s
1908 Rubio Henry Bletsoe Fred Withington 66/1 10m 33.2s
1907 Eremon Alf Newey Tom Coulthwaite 8/1 9m 47.5s
1906 Ascetic’s Silver Mr. Aubrey Hastings Aubrey Hastings 20/1 9m 34.4s
1905 Kirkland Frank Mason E. Thomas 6/1 9m 48.8s
1904 Moifaa Arthur Birch W. Hickey 25/1 9m 58.6s
1903 Drumcree Percy Woodland Sir Charles Nugent 13/2 F 10m 9.4s
1902 Shannon Lass David Read James Hackett 20/1 10m 3.6s
1901 Grudon Arthur Nightingall Bernard Bletsoe 9/1 9m 47.8s
1900 Ambush II Algy Anthony Algy Anthony 4/1 10m 1.4s
1899 Manifesto George Williamson Willie Moore 5/1 9m 49.8s
1898 Drogheda John Gourley Dick Dawson 25/1 9m 43.6s
1897 Manifesto Terry Kavanagh Willie McAuliffe 6/1 F 9m 49s
1896 The Soarer Lt. David Campbell Willie Moore 40/1 10m 11.2s
1895 Wild Man From Borneo Mr. Joe Widger James Gatland 10/1 10m 32.0
1894 Why Not Arthur Nightingall Willie Moore 5/1 JF 9m 45.4s
1893 Cloister Bill Dollery Arthur Yates 9/2 F 9m 32.4s
1892 Father O’Flynn Capt. Roddy Owen Gordon Wilson 20/1 9m 48.2s
1891 Come Away Mr. Harry Beasley Harry Beasley 4/1 F 9m 58.0s
1890 Ilex Arthur Nightingall John Nightingall 4/1 F 10m 41.8s
1889 Frigate Mr. Tommy Beasley M. A. Maher 8/1 10m 1.2s
1888 Playfair George Mawson Tom Cannon, Sr. 40/1 10m 12.0s
1887 Gamecock Bill Daniels James Gordon 20/1 10m 10.2s
1886 Old Joe Tommy Skelton George Mulcaster 25/1 10m 14.6s
1885 Roquefort Mr Ted Wilson Arthur Yates 10/3 F 10m 10.0s
1884 Voluptuary Mr. Ted Wilson William Wilson 10/1 10m 5.0s
1883 Zoedone Count Karel Kinsky W. Jenkins 100/7 11m 39.0s
1882 Seaman Lord Manners James Machell/James Jewitt 10/1 10m 42.4s
1881 Woodbrook Mr. Tommy Beasley Henry Linde 11/2 JF 11m 50.0s
1880 Empress Mr. Tommy Beasley Henry Linde 8/1 10m 20.0s
1879 The Liberator Mr. Garrett Moore J. Moore 5/1 10m 12.0s
1878 Shifnal J. Jones John Nightingall 7/1 10m 23.0s
1877 Austerlitz Mr. Fred Hobson Robert I’Anson 15/1 10m 10.0s
1876 Regal Joe Cannon James Jewitt 25/1 11m 14.0s
1875 Pathfinder Mr. Tommy Pickernell W. Reeves 100/6 10m 22.0s
1874 Reugny Mr. J. M. Richardson James Machell 5/1 F 10m 4.0s
1873 Disturbance Mr. J. M. Richardson James Machell 20/1 Watch stopped
1872 Casse Tete John Page A. Cowley 20/1 10m 14.5s
1871 The Lamb Mr. Tommy Pickernell Chris Green 11/2 9m 35.7s
1870 The Colonel George Stevens R. Roberts 7/2 F 10m 10.0s
1869 The Colonel George Stevens R. Roberts 100/7 11m 0.0s
1868 The Lamb Mr. George Ede Ben Land 9/1 Not recorded
1867 Cortolvin John Page Harry Lamplugh 16/1 10m 42.0s
1866 Salamander Mr. Alec Goodman J. Walters 40/1 11m 5.0s
1865 Alcibiade Capt. Henry Coventry Cornell 100/7 11m 16.0s
1864 Emblematic George Stevens Edwin Weever 10/1 11m 50.0s
1863 Emblem George Stevens Edwin Weever 4/1 11m 20.0s
1862 The Huntsman Harry Lamplugh Harry Lamplugh 3/1 F 9m 30.0s
1861 Jealousy Joseph Kendall Charles Balchin 5/1 10m 14.0s
1860 Anatis Mr. Tommy Pickernell H. E. May 7/2 F Not recorded
1859 Half Caste Chris Green Chris Green 7/1 10m 2.0s
1858 Little Charley William Archer William Holman 100/6 11m 5.0s
1857 Emigrant Charlie Boyce Charlie Boyce 10/1 10m 6.0s
1856 Freetrader George Stevens William Holman 25/1 10m 9.5s
1855 Wanderer John Hanlon Not known 25/1 10m 25.0s
1854 Bourton John Tasker Henry Wadlow 4/1 F 9m 59.0s
1853 Peter Simple Tom Olliver Tom Olliver 9/1 10m 37.5s
1852 Miss Mowbray Mr. Alec Goodman George Dockeray 9m 58.5s
1851 Abd-El-Kader T. Abbott Joseph Osborne 7/1 9m 59.0s
1850 Abd-El-Kader Chris Green Joseph Osborne 9m 57.5s
1849 Peter Simple Tom Cunningham T. Cunningham 20/1 10m 56.0s
1848 Chandler Capt. Josey Little [2] Tom Eskrett 12/1 11m 21.0s
1847 Mathew Denny Wynne John Murphy 10/1 10m 39.0s
1846 Pioneer William Taylor Not trained [1] 10m 46.0s
1845 Cure-All Mr. William Loft Kitty Crisp 10m 47.0s
1844 Discount Mr. John Crickmere Not recorded 5/1 JF 14m 0.0s
1843 Vanguard Tom Olliver see note below [a] 12/1 Not recorded
1842 Gaylad Tom Olliver George Dockeray 7/1 13m 30.0s
1841 Charity Mr. A. Powell William Vevers 14/1 13m 25.0s
1840 Jerry Mr. Bartholomew Bretherton George Dockeray 12/1 12m 30.0s
1839 Lottery Jem Mason George Dockeray 5/1 F 14m 53.0s

The Most Famous Grand National Winners

Grand National winners do not come any more popular than the great Red Rum. He is the most recognised winner of the race as he stormed to three unprecedented Grand Nationals in 1973, 1974, and 1977.

Don’t Push It’s 2010 success goes down in the history books as the great jockey AP McCoy’s first winner in the race after more than a dozen attempts.

Mon Mome’s win in 2009 defied the odds – almost literally – as the 100/1 shot was the biggest priced winner of the race for more than four decades, while he also stopped Comply or Die from making it back-to-back National wins.

The winner of the 1990 Grand National, Mr. Frisk, is currently the fastest winner of the race, completing the four-mile 514 yards event in a time of eight minutes 47.8 seconds.

Previous Grand National winners

Grand National winner 2018 & 2019 – Tiger Roll

Tiger Roll became the first horse since Red Rum to win back-to-back Grand Nationals as he stormed home to win by almost three lengths from Magic of Light.

Under the mount of Davy Russell again, Tiger Roll always looked to be travelling well and after moving to the front he found plenty to record the historic win.

His win in 2018 produced one of the most dramatic finishes in recent years as Tiger Roll and jockey Davy Russell held off a late charge from David Mullins and Perfect Company to ensure Russell won his first National at his 14th attempt.

In picking up the win, Tiger Roll – the smallest horse in the race – became one of the most complete jumpers of recent years, having  won over the minimum National Hunt trip of two miles in the Triumph Hurdle at the Cheltenham Festival, to somehow win the longest race of them all.

Grand National winner 2017 – One For Arthur

One for Arthur became just the second Scottish success in the National, winning the race by some four-and-a-half lengths from Cause of Causes.

The win was memorable for former jockey Peter Scudamore, with his wife, Lucinda Russell, the trainer of One For Arthur. Also, As a jockey, Scudamore had tried, and failed to win the race in 13 attempts.

It was a remarkable achievement for jockey David Fox as well, who had suffered a broken wrist just a month before the big race.

The previous Scottish success came way back in 1979 when Rubstic claimed the victory.

Grand National 2021

In the 2021 edition, Cloth Cap is currently set to go off as one of the shortest-priced favourites in Grand National history at 4/1. Burrows Saint leads the chasing pack at 8/1, Any Second Now is 9/1 and top weight Bristol De Mai is a 20/1 shout.

Grosvenor Sport ambassador Harry Skelton talked to us about Cloth Cap, his Grand National hopes and his fondest memories – give it a watch here.

Looking for the latest odds? Check out the latest Grand National Betting Odds at Grosvenor Sport.

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