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  • How To Play Dice

    How To Play Dice

    Originally a street game in America, Dice is now played in our casinos as a series of games within a game. Dice is fast and exhilarating and you’ll get caught up in the lively atmosphere, the banter between players and the buzz! However, as it is more complicated than, for example, Roulette or Blackjack, you […]

  • Blackjack: Bonus Pairs is an Optional Wager

    Blackjack: Bonus Pairs is an Optional Wager

    Blackjack bonus pairs is based on the players initial hand containing a Pair (Red/Black Pair) with bonuses paid if they are the same colour (Colour Pair), identical Pair (Suited Pair). Trips Bonus Pairs pay out should the players Pair match the dealers first card. Bonus Pairs wagers must be in accordance to the posted betting […]

  • How to play American Roulette

    How to play American Roulette

    To Start playing American Roulette: Put your money or cash chips on the table and ask the American Roulette dealer for ‘a colour’. The dealer will give you coloured chips unique to you so that they don’t get mixed up with any other player’s. The next stage when playing American Roulette is placing your bets. […]

  • The Ultimate Slots Glossary

    The Ultimate Slots Glossary

    There is more going on in slots than just spinning reels and trying to match the images. Unless you can speak the language, you’ll never reach your true potential. If you want to learn to speak the language of slots, you’re in the right place – here is our ultimate slots glossary.