Seven Monkeys that Should Have Won an Oscar

The Hollywood Wax Museum in Branson, Missouri grabs tourists' attention with a skyline and a giant King Kong gorilla on its roof!Celebrating Chinese New Year and the year of the Monkey, we’ve had monkeys on the brain here at Grosvenor. With the Oscars on the horizon, it got us thinking: why haven’t our clever primate brethren ever managed to bag themselves an Oscar?

Here are our nominations for this year’s awards!

Dodger, Monkey Trouble

MonkeyTroubleThis guy is just every bit as dodgy as his name suggests – particularly when it came to pinching things and other such tomfoolery. This sticky-fingered little chap was taught his mischievous ways by the good-for-nothing character of Harvey Keitel. Unfortunately, it’s Thora Birch who tends to get the blame!

Crystal, The Hangover Part 2


Why Crystal doesn’t have an Oscar yet, we’ll never know. Her career spans as far back as George of the Jungle, but you might also recognise her from Night at the Museum, Animal Practice, and most recently, The Hangover Part 2. She even has her own agent – now that’s impressive.

Dunston – Dunston Checks In


Dunston is one cheeky chimp with impeccable taste. When he checks into the five star Majestic Hotel with the evil jewel thief, “Lord” Rutledge, it seems like a life of crime is inevitable. Luckily, he meets Kyle, and the pair attempt to put things right – not without getting up to mischief in the meantime, mind!

Clyde, Every Which Way But Loose

DunstanIt’s not easy to look badass when you’re starring alongside Clint Eastwood, but Clyde certainly pulls it off. He loves his Oreos, car chases and flipping the bird. He certainly takes no prisoners and has a knockout punch, which becomes apparent on the command of ‘right turn Clyde’.

Jack, Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl

jackA monkey playing a pirate and a zombie? Now surely that takes some serious acting work? Alas, still no Oscar for Jack following his Pirates of the Caribbean performance. His namesake, Mr Sparrow, was played by Jonny Depp, who seemed to rake in most of the attention. To add insult to injury, Johnny took home an Oscar for Best Actor in a Leading Role for his work on the film in 2003.

Suzanne, Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back

suzannThe lovable Suzanne really won our hearts in Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back, when the pair rescue her from a bleak future in a testing laboratory. Fact is, Suzanne was so good an actress that she even managed to pull off a role within a role, convincing Will Ferrell’s character that she was Jay and Silent Bob’s love child… No easy feat!

Spike, Ace Ventura

White faced Capuchin MonkeyThe capers of Ace Ventura wouldn’t be complete without his pint-size sidekick, Spike. Together, they make the perfect pairing (mainly due to being impish, mischief-makers)! Spike’s loyalty is questionable though – remember when he abandoned him in troubled waters?

Do you think these stars of the screen should be commended for their efforts at this year’s Oscars? Let us know!










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