Women's Cricket World Cup

Knight’s England Can Win the World Cup

It will be painfully drawn out, and towards the end of the group stage dreadfully dead-rubber-tastic, but don’t let the OTT format of the ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup put you off.

The planet’s greatest one-day exponents have gathered in England for a jamboree of big hitting, and I’m expecting fireworks between now and late July.
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Bazu, Azerbaijan

Bazu City Circuit requires maximum concentration and no margin for error

The 6km Baku City circuit in Azerbaijan, used for the first time last year when it was known as the European Grand Prix, is the location for round eight of the F1 season.

The tight street sections are not dissimilar to Monaco but, unlike that famous venue, Baku also features flat-out straights like Monza.
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Enen Park stadium

British Lions Momentum May Be Moribund

Momentum is a word that is often talked about in sport but is poorly understood.

It’s something that is considered a cornerstone of physics but when it comes to a team or individual athletes, it can be interpreted very differently by the media and fans.

The current British and Irish Lions tour of New Zealand epitomises that misunderstanding.
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Andy Hills

Small Cards, Major Wagers

“If at first you don’t succeed, try five more times so your failure is statistically significant.”

Tournament poker is the ultimate game of perseverance. Even the best players can expect to cash in fewer than 20% of competitions, so losing streaks can easily run into the hundreds of games.

It takes a certain type of personality to grind tourneys; arguably my previous life as a software developer equipped me well.
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