The complete NBA champions list

The National Basketball Association (NBA) Championships are one of the most coveted prizes in US sport.

Nineteen different franchises have won at least one title and three teams – Lakers, Warriors and 76ers – have done so playing for different cities.

Only five teams – Celtics, Lakers, Bulls, Spurs and Warriors – have won more than three championships in total and between them account for almost 70 per cent of the titles.

There have been some surprise winners along the way though with the Pistons taking the title in 2004, while the Mavericks beat the ‘big three’ in 2011.

The Cavaliers may have had the great LeBron James but in 2016 they became the first team to overcome a 3-1 deficit, and statistically beat the best team ever – the Warriors – in the process.

The new NBA season begin on October 16, you can have a bet on every opening  NBA games here.

Here is our extensive guide to everything you need to know about the NBA.

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Roulette Wheels and Tables explained

Roulette remains one of the most popular casino games around, both online and at your local casino.

The premise of the game is simple – you pick a number and hope when the spinning ball stops that it lands on a number you have placed a bet on.

The game’s popularity is worldwide, but there are differences to roulette around the globe, with there being both a European and an American version.

In this article, we look through both versions and explain the differences between the two.

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