Online Casino v Land-Based Casino

The casino industry is one of the biggest in the UK and it isn’t hard to see why with the variety of choice the public have.

A Gambling Commission Study revealed 51 per cent of people who gamble now do so online using their mobile phones and tablets – an 8 per cent increase over the course of the year while around a half still also use their computer or laptop to gamble as well.

Some prefer online casinos, while others favour the traditional land-based casinos. Both have their advantages and in this article we take a look through as to the benefits of each.

Advantages of online casino

Online casinos are proving ever more popular especially with the tech-savvy youngsters who can use their tablet/laptop or mobile device to bet in an instant. Here we run through the main positives behind the online casino

Play anywhere and anytime

A major plus for many playing online is the ability to be able to play at whatever time of day – be it 3.30am or 5pm. There are simply no restrictions and you can play 365 days a year, 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

It is all at your own convenience and on top of that, you can also be out and about and not tied down by having to be at a certain location at a certain time in order to play. The online environment also offers you the privacy that many players are after.

There is also never an issue with dress codes which you could have if you head to land based casinos.

Access to new online games and slots

New online and sometimes exclusive slots and games are always popping up and while the variety of games on offer at land-based casinos is extremely vast, there is even more option online.

When new games come out online you also get the opportunity to try demos of potential new games free of charge before taking them on for real. This practice can be extremely beneficial to maximise any potential winnings

The game history gets recorded

At a tap of the button you can also access your complete playing history over the variety of online casino games with all your wins, points and spend compiled in one place.

Casino bonuses and other promotions

There may be different offers and promotions at land-based compared to online casino’s. In online casino, the promotions are also available in the shape of codes via email or simply on the messaging platform with the casino provider.

Advantages of land-based casino

Enjoy the environment

A land-based casino can give you an all-round great experience and is often a popular destination for a night out with friends and family to celebrate a particular occasion

As well as getting to experience what the casino-life is like, a number of other advantages can come into play.

You get a buzz and can hear the general cheers, sighs and groans of everyone else who attends the casino.

Food and drink offers

As well as giving you that live casino experience you can enhance your night out at a land-based casino by making the most of offers we have on food and drink.

Also, if you sign up as a member of your local land-based casino you can also take advantage of regular offers and promotions sent via email or post from time to time.

These offers can include free food, free bets and match play or free slot play coupons

To take a look at some of the offers available at Grosvenor Casinos, click here.

Entertainment activities

Casinos also have the ability to host live music or sporting events as well to accompany your visit.

This can be in the form of a live band while you play or you can also combine your playing with a viewing of a number of sporting events such as big pay-per-view boxing, MMA and football matches.

While those are on you may also be offered drinks/food promotions to enjoy and make the most of while the action is on the box.

Slots tournaments and other casino benefits

Casinos also often host tournaments and competitions for players to get involved in, with higher stakes and potential winnings, which can be an obvious attraction for the more serious player in comparison to your casual player.

Live Casino

A Live Casino is the third option available to players, and it is effectively a mix of both the online and the land-based casino.

A Live Casino allows you to play in the comfort of your own home, but also adds a live dealer into the equation via a live stream in a heads-up manner or at a table alongside other players.




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