Million Pound Picks: A Beginner’s Guide

Would you like to win £1M? Course you would. And you can, courtesy of Million Pound Picks – the weekly free-to-play Premier League prediction game from Grosvenor Sport.

If you haven’t played Million Pound Picks yet, why not?! Just kidding. But if you are new to the game, we’re going to show you exactly how it’s done in the simplest terms possible.

Before we begin, you need to be signed up and logged in to Grosvenor Sport to play. If you’ve not joined the Grosvenor family yet, visit the site and get it done. It’s fast, it’s free, it’s the place to be. All set? Let’s go.

The prizes

Let’s start with the fun bit. What you can win.

• £1,000,000 – 10 correct first goalscorers
• £2,000 – most correct first goalscorers in a Gameweek
• £10 Free Bet – 3 correct first goalscorers

That’s right, there’s a weekly jackpot of ONE MILLION POUNDS all to play for. Correctly predict all 10 correct first goalscorers and you’re a winner.

We know that’s pretty tough. That’s why we dish out a weekly cash consolation of £2,000 – and that goes to the best player of the gameweek. Just to confirm, £2,000 MUST BE WON. Every. Single. Week.

Finally, there’s a £10 Free Bet for everyone who gets three correct goalscorers. Because we’re nice like that.

How to play

Now you know what you can win, let’s fill you in on what Million Pound Picks is and how to play it.

In a nutshell, you predict 10 first goalscorers from 10 Premier League games every week. Sometimes there’s a Championship game or two instead, but it’s always 10 matches in a single gameweek.

Million Pound Picks will usually run across Saturday and Sunday, with a Monday night game included if there is one. The gameweek should open on Wednesday, giving you a couple of days to mull it over and make your choices. The key things to note:

• You must submit ALL your Million Pound Picks up to 5 minutes before the first kick-off
• You can change each individual selection up to 5 minutes before each individual kick-off

That second one is important. You might have seen your chosen player isn’t in the starting line-up, giving you time to log in and edit your selection. We don’t want you missing out on big prizes because of Pep’s rotation policy!

The tiebreaker

This is all important when it comes to the top prizes. Rather than split the pot, the cash must be won by one person and one person only. Unless the tiebreaker is the same… and then we will split it!

After making your Million Pound Picks, you’ll also be asked a tiebreaker question – the combined amount of yellow cards and corners awarded during that gameweek.

For clarity, all yellow cards branded by the referee count. If a player is awarded two yellow cards and a subsequent red card, those two yellow cards will count towards the total. Red cards do not count towards the tiebreaker. The figures are provided by an external and reliable statistical source, and the figures are final.

Top tips

A few more nuggets of information to help you on your way.

When making your Million Pound Picks, you’ll notice some players with one, two or three stars next to their name. These are the most-picked players. If you want to know what other Million Pound Pickers are thinking, or just want a helping hand, refer to these.

No Goalscorer is valid and available. If you’re expecting defences to come out on top, this is the option for you. Much like when it comes to online football betting, if the only goal is an own goal then this selection will be a winner. High-risk, high-reward!

And on that note, if an own goal is scored first in a game with multiple goals, it’s the next goal that will count towards Million Pound Picks.

Our final helping hand comes in the form of our weekly Premier League preview. We run the rule over the weekend’s games and give you our first goalscorer fancies. We promise not to be offended if you totally ignore our suggestions. Probably wise…

One more thing…

We said it at the start and we’ll say it again. Million Pound Picks is absolutely 100% free to play. Nothing to lose, no strings attached. If you’ve got a Grosvenor Sport account, you just need to log in, make your picks and be on your way.

Someone WILL WIN £2,000 every week. And that person could easily be you. So there you have it – a free chance to win £1M, £2k or a £10 Free Bet weekly.

Get picking!




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