Introducing the Grosvenor Gent

Do you have what it takes to be considered a gent? Or more specifically, a Grosvenor Gent?


Our very own Grosvenor Gent, Mark Wright, takes you through everything it takes to be a gent in your own (w)right….
According to Mark, there are four key attributes you need to make yourself into the modern-day gentleman:


Politeness is paramount. Opening doors, giving your place in the queue, gratitude… chivalry is certainly not a thing of the past!


You’ve got to know when to listen and when to speak. Remember mother’s old words of wisdom – you’ve got two ears and one mouth, so make sure the spotlight is on others as well as yourself!


Dressing respectfully is vital to looking and feeling the part of a gentleman. No matter the event or the situation, maintaining the look of a gentleman will show people you’re serious about your gentlemanly duties.


A gent is open to trying new things and is happy to learn something new from the people they meet. A gent with no ego is one that is respected by their peers, leaving everything else to fall into place.
So, what are your rules for being a true gentleman in the modern day? Do you have any extra tips and tricks for showing your gentlemanly prowess? We’d love to hear from you!
We’ll be releasing the Grosvenor Gent videos throughout August, so stay ahead of the style pack and be sure to check back to our Youtube Channel for more style and casino tips.








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