Cammegh Spread Bet Roulette is an optional Roulette wager. It can be played in addition to or instead of a normal roulette bet.

Spread Bet Roulette is based on the traditional even money 1- 18 and 19-36 ‘spread bets: but in order to achieve the larger pay-outs, the traditional game result is added to a second result identified by the Roulette winning number display.

The results are shown on the Roulette winning number display in the form of two concentric number rings. The number rings spin in opposing directions, alternating each game and each game the number rings stop spinning at the ‘no more bets’ event.

When the ball lands in the winning number on the Roulette wheel, the result is highlighted on the outer number ring and added to its adjacent number on the inner number ring. The sum of these two numbers forms the Spread Bet Roulette result.

When a wager is placed a bet on a ‘spread’ in which the Spread Bet Roulette falls, the player wins in accordance with the pay table.

Spread Bet Roulette bets are placed at the same time as the traditional Roulette bets and like the traditional game can continue to be placed until ‘no more bets’ is called.

Single-Zero Paytable

Spreads Pay (to 1) House Edge %
0-1 400 12.13
2-4 100 11.47
5-28 2 7.96
29-47 1 11.03
48-67 3 9.42
68-70 100 11.47
71-72 400 12.13

Double-Zero Paytable

Spreads Pay (to 1) House Edge %
1-100 320 11.08
2-2 140 12. 12
3-27 2 6.51
28-47 1 9.14
48-68 3 12.74
69-70 180 12.26
71-72 420 12.54