How to play live Roulette

How to play live Roulette

Named after the French for ‘little wheel’, Roulette is one of the most iconic casino games. The live roulette wheel features 37 slots marked alternately in red and black colours. One of the slots, numbered ‘0’, is coloured in green. On American roulette you will have one more slot – 00 – which is also marked in green. To determine the winning number and colour, the croupier will spin the wheel and then spin a marble in the opposite direction around it. The marble will eventually lose momentum and stop in one of the 37 slots.

There are several different betting options in Live Roulette. You can choose to place bets on either a single number, various groupings of numbers, the colours red or black, whether the number is odd or even, or if the numbers will be high or low.

To select your bets, click on the grid that represents the numbers on the Live Roulette wheel. There are a number of different options to select, explained below.
Each table has its own minimum and maximum bets that are displayed within the game. The minimum amounts work differently for inside bets (on numbers) and outside bets (everything else), so it’s good to check it before you start playing.

Types of Roulette bets

The different types of bets you can make in roulette are explained below. To make it easier to see how to select these bets within the game, each bet has a corresponding letter that can be found on the image representing a betting grid below.

Roulette Inside bets

A. Straight bet – bet on a single number. Pays 35:1
B. Split bet – bet on two adjacent numbers with one chip, horizontally or vertically. Pays 17:1
C. Street bet – bet on three numbers with one chip. Select the end of any horizontal row on the layout. Pays 11:1
D. Corner bet – bet on four numbers with one chip. Select the intersection that forms a square. Pays 8:1
E. 0,1,2,3 – If you want to cover these numbers with one chip, place your bet on the grid where it’s marked ‘E’
F. Six-line betting – bet on five numbers with one chip. Select the edge of two adjoining ‘streets’. Pays 5:1

Roulette Outside bets

These bets give you the option to stake on outcomes ‘outside’ the numbers on the wheel.
G. Column bet – bet on one of the three vertical rows by placing a chip in the box at the end
H. Dozen bet – bet on 12 numbers in three consecutive rows. Pays 1:1
I. Colour bets – bet on whether the marble will stop on red or black. Pays 1:1.
J. Even or odd bet – bet on whether the marble will stop on an even or an odd number. Pays 1:1
K. High or low bet – bet on whether the marble will stop on a number from 19 – 36 (high) or 1 – 18 (low). Pays 1:1

Roulette outside bets

Roulette racetrack bets

If you would like to place your bets on numbers that are close to each other on the wheel, you can use the Racetrack grid. This shows the numbers in the same order that they appear on the Roulette wheel:

Roulette racetrack bets

There are four fixed call bets available, represented by the French phrases that you see across the centre of the racetrack. These bets use more than one chip:

Tiers – places a bet on 12 numbers that cover a specific section of the roulette wheel. Six chips are used to place the following split bets:5/8, 10/11, 13/16, 23/24, 27/30 and 33/36.

Orphelins – covers eight numbers next to each other on the roulette wheel with five chips. One chip will cover straight 1, then the following splits: 6/9, 14/17, 17/20 and 31/34.

Voisins du Zero – this a combination of bets that cover 17 numbers on a section of the roulette wheel. The bet consists of 9 chips and will automatically place 2 chips on street 0/2/3, one chip on every split: 4/7, 12/15, 18/2, 19/22, 32/25 and 2 chips on corner 25/26/28/29

Zero Spiel – As a part of Voisins, but as a separate bet, there is a small section of 7 neighbours that can be covered by a 4-chip bet called Zero Spiel. When you choose this bet, your chips will cover straight 26, and splits: 0/3, 12/5, 32/35.

The above bets will be automatically placed on the layout as shown below:

Roulette racetrack bets

Neighbour bets

Neighbour bets allow you to bet on specific sections of the wheel. Using the racetrack, you can select a number and up to 9 numbers on each side of it. By default, most tables are set to select 2 numbers either side of your chosen number. For example, by choosing 12 and selecting ‘2’, you’ll be betting on 12 and the two numbers on either side of 12 on the roulette wheel (7, 28 and 35, 3). You can increase or decrease the number of neighbours you want to bet on by using the ‘+’ and ‘-’ buttons.

Live Roulette gameplay

Although there are a lot of betting options to choose from, it’s very simple to play Live Roulette online. First, you need to select your stake by picking from the chips at the bottom of the screen. Then, you need to place your bets by selecting your options from the grid or the racetrack.
Once the betting time is over, the live dealer will make a signal for ‘no more bets’ and will then spin the marble along the inner edge of the wheel in the opposite direction to how the wheel is spinning. Once the marble comes to rest, the number it falls in will be announced as the winning number. Winning bets will be automatically paid and you can choose your next bets before the marble is spun again.
You don’t have to make just one kind of bet for each spin, you can make as many as you like within your budget. You will win if the marble stops on any of your numbers. If you are betting a lot of chips on many numbers, you are more likely to have chips coming back to you at the end of each spin.
There are lots of different Live Roulette tables to choose from, many are available round the clock. Our friendly dealers will be able to answer any questions you might have during the game and you can always come back to this page between bets. Enjoy!









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