How to play Freebet Blackjack & 22 Side Bet

It doesn’t matter how much you wager, the dealer will match your exact bet and pay for you to double and split.

If you lose then you only lose one bet. If you win then you are paid the full amount.

The dealer will even bet for you more than once during a hand if needed.

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Players also have the option to place a wager on the 22 betting area. The bet will win if the dealer’s final total is 22. The player’s 22 wager will remain active until the dealer’s hand is completed even if the player’s main Blackjack wager is no longer in play. Higher odds are paid if the 22 is the same colour or the same suit:

Mixed Colour 22: 10 to 1
Same Colour 22: 17 to 1
Same Suit 22: 35 to 1
House Edge
Freebet: 0.73%
22 Side Bet: 5.85%