How to control the social media ads that appear on your feed

Here at Grosvenor Casinos, we know that not all the social advertisements you see will be ones you want to. Although some adverts on social media or search engines are random, some can be personalised to you based on your browsing history. This means that if you’ve played at our online casino or other gambling sites before, then you may get a lot of gambling ads appearing on your feeds. If you’re taking a break from playing with us, trying to cut down the time you spend online or just generally don’t want to see these (or any) types of adverts, then we’ve put together a guide on how you can manage your preferences and control what you see.


It’s easy to manage your preferences on Facebook. Just log into your account, click the drop down arrow on the top right of your screen, head to Settings and Privacy then Settings. Click the Ads button on the left sidebar, then Ads based on data from partners. From here you can take a look at the types of ads you can see and remove or change those you don’t want to. You can also block a Facebook account to stop their ads appearing, and you can also hide particular ads by pressing the …” in the top corner and follow the on screen instructions from there, including the option to Hide all ads from this advertiser.


Blocking an Instagram account is the easiest way to stop them being able to advertise to you. To hide a particular ad, press “” in the top right of a sponsored post, click Hide ad and then you can select from a list of options why you don’t like the ad. To adjust all your preferences and not just for particular ads, press the icon that takes you to your own profile in the bottom right of the screen, click the three lines in the top right of your profile, head to Settings > Ads > Ad Topic Preferences and press the circle to the right of the topic where you’d like to see fewer ads.


To opt out of personalised ads on Twitter, click on your profile picture, head to Settings and Privacy, then Privacy and Safety, then scroll to Personalization and Data, and from here you can decide how Twitter will personalise your ads, or you can un-check them all to see no personalised ads.

Google provided services, including YouTube

To turn off personalised ads generally, go to the Ad Settings page then choose where you want the change to apply, you can simply turn off Ad Personalisation.

Next to an individual advert:

  • During a Google Search on your phone or tablet, select the small “i” icon next to an advert, then Why these ads? and you can edit your preferences from here.
  • On YouTube, select the small “i” icon next to an advert and then Stop seeing this ad.
  • On Gmail, select the small “i” icon next to an advert, then Control ads like this, then Block this advertiser.

Your enjoyment of the time you spend on is our main priority, so don’t forget that you can manage your safer gambling preferences with us online too. We’ve got plenty of tools in place to help with this, including Reality Checks, Deposit Limits and the option to Take a Break. Just head to your Account Preferences and head to the Responsible Gaming tab to get more information or manage your settings.

If you need any help or support with anything that we’ve spoken about here, then you can give us an email at or give us a message on our Live Chat.







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