GUKPT Luton Day 3 Blog

GUKPT Luton Day 3 Blog

15 players return for Day 3 of the GUKPT Luton Main Event. They are all guaranteed just over £3,000, but they have their eyes on the first place prize of £83,000!!

Follow all the action below


Goodbye From Luton – 21:15

After four days of fast and furious poker the GUKPT Luton Main Event 2019 is now in the history books. The leg has had another increase in entries, with 307 in total over the first two day ones.

The field had been whittled down to just 15 players who came back today to play down to a winner! The chip leader was Vikrum Mehta and he closed it out, taking just 9 hours to take down the title!

Luton has been a great host as it always is and the side events have been buzzing all week! The tour only takes a short break now, with Blackpool beginning three weeks today! It’s the party leg of the tour, so make sure you’re there for the whole week. 3rd-10th November.

Thanks for joining us over the last four days.

Until next time, be lucky!



GUKPT Luton Main Event Champion Vikrum Mehta – 20:55



Prizepool Payout – 20:45

£1000 NLHE
Entries: 307
1st £83,590 Vikrum Mehta
2nd £55,360 Andrew Hulme
3rd £34,000 Sachin Joshi
4th £21,660 Tom Hall
5th £14,740 Chris Yong
6th £10,830 Phil Corion
7th £8,430 Tim Chung
8th £6,920 Hasan Gul
9th £5,710 Sebastien Jung
10th £4,820 Paul Siddle
11th £4,210 Dean Clay
12th £3,910 Antoine Labat
13th £3,610 Kevin Charalambous
14th £3,310 Vince Meli
15th £3,310 Lee French
16th £3,010 Martyn Frey
17th £3,010 Joe Hindry
18th £2,710 Iwan Jones
19th £2,710 Panicos Ellinas
20th £2,710 Rob Boon
21st £2,410 Brandon Sheils
22nd £2,410 Guy Taylor
23rd £2,410 Sanjay Patel
24th £2,410 David Clarkson
25th £2,110 Phil Souki
26th £2,110 Priyan Demel
27th £2,110 Jamie Nixon
28th £2,110 Nikolay Ponomare
29th £2,110 Harry Chapman
30th £2,110 Kuljinder Sidhu



It’s All Over – 20:30

On a board reading A–10–2–9–2 With around 900k in the middle Vikrum moves all in, Stato has around 750k behind the line and after a few minutes in the tank he calls it off!

Vik shows A-J for two pair, Stato has K-J for king high.

It’s all over! Andrew Hulme finishes in second place for £55,360.

Vikrum Mehta is our 2019 GUKPT Luton Main Event Champion taking home £83,590.


Heads Up Begins – 20:05

Heads up play is now underway.

Blinds starting at 30k/60k.




Heads Up Counts – 19:55

Andrew Hulme – 1,800,000
Vikrum Mehta – 4,655,000




Sachin Joshi 3rd – 19:45

After being crippled by Vik, Sachin gets his last 5 bigs all in holding K-2 against the K-4 of Stato.

The board runs out A–3–4–Q–2

Stato takes the pot with a pair of fours.

We lose Sachin Joshi in 3rd place for £34,000.



Level 28 – 19:25

The blinds increase as we begin level 28.

They are now 30,000/60,000 with a 30k sb ante.

3 players remaining.



Tom Hall 4th – 19:10

All in and a call!!

Tom Hall – J-J
Andrew Hulme- Q-Q!

The board runs out 6–8–K–10–K

No help for Tom and we lose him in 4th place for £21,660.




Chip Counts – 18:55


Vikrum Mehta 1,965,000
Andrew Hulme 1,800,000
Tom Hall 1,500,000
Sachin Joshi 820,000


Level 27 – 18:40

The players are back seated as we begin level 27.

The blinds are now 25,000/50,000 with a 50k big blind ante.

4 players remaining.


Break Time – 18:25

Break time for the player as they take 15 minutes.



Left To Play For – 18:20

£1000 NLHE
Entries: 307
1st £83,590
2nd £55,360
3rd £34,000
4th £21,660

Chris Yong 5th – 18:15

Chris Yong gets his 19 big blinds all in against Vik Mehta.

Chris tables K-J and needs to ffind a King against the Queens of Vik.

Noo king on the board and  we lose Chris in 5th place for £14,740.


Level Up – 17:45

The blinds increase as we begin level 26.

They are now 20,000/40,000 with a 40k big blind ante.

5 players remaining.



Phil Corion 6th – 17:30

Phil Corion gets his ten bigs all in holding A-J and runs into the A-Q of Chris Yong.

No help for Phil on the board and he leaves in 6th place for £10,830.




Chip Counts – 16:52

Andrew Hulme 1560000
Chris Yong 1290000
Vikrum Mehta 1140000
Tom Hall 1040000
Sachin Joshi 645000
Phil Corion 470000



Level 25 – 16:45

The players are back seated as we begin level 25.

They are now 15,000/30,000 with a 30k big blind ante.

6 players remaining




Break Time – 16:24

Break time for the players as they take 5 minutes.


Tim Chung 7th – 16:15

Tim Chung loses a chunk to Stato with pocket sevens against the pocket nines of Stato. Then a few hands later Tim gets his 13 bigs all in holding K-J and runs into the ACES of Stato!

Tim finishes in 7th place for £8,430.

Stato is now up to 1.4million!!

6 left!



Side Event Starts – 16:01

The side event has just started here in Luton.

Event 11 75 / 75 Bounty
Buy-in: £150 + 15
Start time: 4.00pm
Re-entry: Unlimited
Entry period: 4 levels (2 hours 15 mins)
Clock: 20min FTT
Starting stack: 15,000
 Breaks: Every 2 hours




Prizepool Payout – 15:45

£1000 NLHE
Entries: 307
1st £83,590
2nd £55,360
3rd £34,000
4th £21,660
5th £14,740
6th £10,830
7th £8,430
8th £6,920 Hasan Gul
9th £5,710 Sebastien Jung



Level 24 – 15:33

The blinds increase as we begin the next level of play.

They are now 12,000/24,000 with a 24,000 big blind ante.

7 players remaining.



Hasan Gul 8th – 15:25

Hasan Gul shoves his 13 bigs all in and is called by Tom Hall.

Hasan shows A-9 and is in bad shape against the A-K of Tom.

No nine on the board and Hasan leaves us in 8th place for £6,920.


Sebastien Jung 9th – 15:20

Sebastien Jung shoves his 6 bigs stack and is called by Andrew Hulme.

Seb tables A-K and is in great shape for a double up as Andrew shows A-K.

The flop comes A–J–3 as Stato flops two pair.

The turn card comes a deuce.

The river card a 6.

Stato takes the pot and now has 650k!

Sebastien Jung heads out in 9th place for £5,710.





Final Table – 15:01



Final Table Begins – 14:55

The final table begins.

Blinds are 10k/20k with a 20k ante.

9 players remaining.


Final Table Seating & Chip Counts – 14:50

1 Tim Chung 907000
2 Andrew Hulme 244000
3 Hasan Gul 318000
4 Tom Hall 834000
5 Sachin Joshi 1469000
6 Phil Corion 438000
7 Chris Yong 539000
8 Sebastian Jung 422000
9 Vikrum Mehta 968000


Sachin Joshi 1469000
Vikrum Mehta 968000
Tim Chung 907000
Tom Hall 834000
Chris Yong 539000
Phil Corion 438000
Sebastian Jung 422000
Hasan Gul 318000
Andrew Hulme 244000


Break Time – 14:42

Break time for the players as they take 5 minutes.




Paul Siddle 10th – 14:40

Paul Siddle get his 18 bigs all in with 10-10 against the Ace-Jack of Vik.

Ace on the flop gives the pot to Vik.

We lose Paul Siddle in 10th place for £4,820.



Chip Counts – 14:30

Sachin Joshi 1049000
Vikrum Mehta 906000
Tim Chung 887000
Tom Hall 816000
Chris Yong 519000
Phil Corion 488000
Sebastian Jung 471000
Paul Siddle 397000
Hasan Gul 378000
Andrew Hulme 254000



Level 13 – 14:15

The players are back seated as we begin level 13.

The blinds are now 10,000/20,000 with a 20k big blind ante.

10 players remaining.




Break Time – 14:02

Break time for the players as they take 15 minutes.



Dean Clay 11th – 14:01

Dean Clay gets it all in with pocket tens against the Jacks of Sachin Joshi.

The board runs out X–X–X–10–J !!!

Dean turns a two outer, but then Sachin rivers the 5%er to take the pot and move up to 1 million chips!!

Dean heads out in 11th place for £4,210.



Antoine Labat 12th – 13:45

Antoine Labat moves all in for his 250,000 stack and is called by Phil Corion who just has him covered.

Antoine needs help tabling KsTh against the AcQc

The board runs out 6h8d3d5s8h

Ace high is good for Phil to take the pot, he is now up to 540,000.

We lose Antoine Labat in 12th place for £3,910.


Kevin Charalambous – 13th – 13:30

Kevin Charalambous moves all in for his 5 big blind stack and is called by Antoine Labat.

Kevin tables 6d3d and is against the 6h6c off Antoine.

The board runs out 3h5hKh2h8s

Flush for Antoine as he takes the pot.

We lose Kevin Charalambous in 13th place for £3,610.



Vince Meli 14th – 13:20

Vince Meli calls an open from Paul Siddle and the two players see a Jack high flop.

Vince gets it all in with J-8 for top pair and Paul calls with K-J top pair with a better kicker.

No help for Vince on the turn or river and he busts in 14th place for £3,310.



Level 22 – 13:01

The blinds increase as we begin level 22.

They are now 8,000/16,000 with a 16k big blind ante.

14 players remaining.



Prizepool Payout – 12:42

£1000 NLHE
Entries: 307
1st £83,590
2nd £55,360
3rd £34,000
4th £21,660
5th £14,740
6th £10,830
7th £8,430
8th £6,920
9th £5,710
10th £4,820
11th £4,210
12th £3,910
13th £3,610
14th £3,310
15th £3,310 Lee French




Lee French 15th – 12:30

Lee French is the first player to bust today, all in holding A-9 and runs into A-10.

He heads out in 15th place for £3,310.



15 Remaining – 12:12



 Shuffle Up & Deal – 12:01

The cards are in the air as we begin Day 3.

The blinds are 6,000/12,000 with a 12k big blind ante.

15 players remaining.


Day 3 Seating Plan – 11:55

Table One
1 1 Thomas Hall 491,000
1 2 Hasan Gul 330,000
1 3
1 4 Dean Clay 95,400
1 5 Timothy Chung 395,000
1 6 Kevin Charlie Charalambous 352,000
1 7 Christopher Yong 428,000
1 8 Antoine Labat 451,000
1 9 Phillip Corion 341,000
Table Two
2 1 Sebastien Jung 367,000
2 2 Paul Siddle 239,000
2 3
2 4 Vikrum Mehta 1,044,000
2 5
2 6 Andrew Hulme 181,000
2 7 Lee J French 200,000
2 8 Vincent Meli 266,000
2 9 Sachin Joshi 378,000


Welcome To Day 3 – 11:45

Good morning and welcome back to Luton for Day 3 of the Main Event.

We have 15 hopefuls coming back and playing down to a winner!

The players are all guaranteed £3,310, but have their eyes on the first place prize of £83,590.

Play begins at 12pm and we are looking forward to what should be a great day!

Full chip counts of the final 15 are:

Vikrum Mehta 1044000
Chris Yong 683000
Tom Hall 491000
Antoine Labat 451000
Dean Clay 428000
Tim Chung 395000
Sachin Joshi 378000
Sebastian Jung 367000
Kevin Charalambous 352000
Phil Corion 341000
Hasan Gul 330000
Vincent Meli 266000
Paul Siddle 239000
Lee French 200000
Andrew Hulme 181000










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