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Welcome To Leeds

Welcome to Leeds for Day 1b of the GUKPT Main Event. Leg 6 of the GUKPT Tour is in Yorkshire for the £100,000 Guaranteed Main Event.

Follow all the action as we bring you blog updates throughout the day.


Lyons Leads 1B – 00:45

Wow! Well what a day we have just had in Leeds! A Monsterous 282 entries for Day 1b, which is the biggest ever Day one outside of London.

The has made the prizepool a whopping £182,500 with late registration still open, players can still buy into Day 2 tomorrow before it starts.

Paul Lyons has finished on top after the ten levels of play. He bagged up a stack of 186,800! Full chip counts of the 92 players who have made it through are:

Paul Lyons 186,800
Tan Le 137,700
Hebiao Guo 136,000
Craig Heaton 133,600
Endrit Geci 124,500
John Bousfield 118,000
Daniel Samson 117,000
John Mercer 115,700
Lee J French 112,900
Tony Ringe 102,200
Matthew Eardley 93,000
Mudasser Hussain 92,000
Gaetan Martinez 90,200
Haresh Thaker 88,800
Aqeel Butt 88,300
Dean Connolly 84,800
Colin Gillon 83,500
Changle Zhen 81,300
Craig Alistair Smith 81,200
Robert Boon 80,000
Thomas Middelthon 78,000
Christian Townsend 76,600
David Ledden 76,300
Andrew Hawksby 75,700
N.H. 74,000
Paul Noble 73,900
Brett Richard Angell 71,600
Ian Barlow 69,900
Jeffrey Kimber 68,800
Alexander Kamat 67,500
Michael Brown 66,700
Christopher Cooper 66,200
Michael Richardson 65,900
Mark Dyson 65,500
Gary Whitehead 64,900
Matthew William George Gray 63,800
Michael Howard 63,400
N.B. 62,900
Thomas Pearn 62,800
Mark Andrew Evans 62,000
James Batt 60,300
Joshua Musson 59,400
Roni Tal 58,300
Michael Allen 58,000
David Crane 56,300
Ming Ju 55,600
Michael Clarke 54,600
Jason Gilbert 54,600
Leslie Kearney 54,400
John Pattent 54,400
Frederick Maher 54,000
Marc Foggin 52,700
Allan Fraser 52,700
Stephen Woodhead 52,500
Alli Mallu 52,200
Charles Ihle 51,300
Stephen Harrison 51,000
Kevin Houghton 50,700
Liam Hooks 49,700
Sarbjit Kular 49,600
Daniel Carl Morgan 49,300
Daniel Madl 49,000
Craig Rimmer 47,700
Daniel Jackson 47,200
Richard Horton 47,100
Deryck Barnes 46,900
Renee Xie 45,000
John Gilchrist 45,000
Grant Wheelhouse 43,900
Kelly Barlow 43,500
Hasmukh Khodiyara 43,500
Daniel Foskett 42,500
David Johnson 38,900
Paul Rogers 37,200
Robert Matthew Campbell 35,200
John Duggan 32,500
Chi Yau 31,400
Neil Rowicki 31,200
Gary Callan 30,500
Anthony Sutcliffe 30,300
Paul Maguire 28,500
Lukas Dimsa 26,600
Garry Wilson 23,100
Tom Craig Noble 20,400
Kasim Mahmood 20,400
Michael Oakes 17,900
Alexander Carlton 14,300
Daniel Charlton 13,800
Usman Ulhaq 11,500
Yiannis Liperis 8,900
Paul Rigg 6,800
Barrie Cooper 2,900

We will be back tomorrow from 12pm where there are 114 players coming back to play another ten levels. It’s going to be an exciting day. Join us on the live stream at 12:30pm.


Play Has Finished – 00:20

Play has now finished on all tables.

We will have the full chip counts up with you as soon as possible.




Last 5 Hands – 00:15

The clock has been paused with 8 minutes remaining, the players will now play 5 more hands before bagging up for the night.



Last Level Exits – 23:45

The players below have all busted the main event:

Colin Gillon
Richard Kellett
Brett Davies
Garry Wilson
Daniel Stancer

But they can still buy in, so they can jump back in for £500+£60 for 20 bigs.


More Counts – 23:30

Riggy – 20,000
Chris Cooper – 18,000
Richard Kellett – 45,000
Josh Musson – 70,000
Andy Hills – 80,000
Tom Middleton – 50,000
Jeff Kimber – 45,000





The Last Level – 23:14

The blinds increase for the last time today as the players begin the last level of play.

The blinds are now 500/1000 with a 1,000 big blind ante.

110 players remaining.



Chip Counts – 23:01

Andrew Hawksby – 40,000
Kelly Barlow – 45,00
Renee Xie – 70,000
Liam Hooks – 42,000
Fred Maher – 93,000
Colin Gillon – 43,000

Nathan Slater Busts – 22:45

Nathan Slater opens, John Bousfield moves all in! Nathan has around 17k, which is a similar stack to John and he calls it off.

Nathan tables pocket threes and is in bad shape against the pocket sevens of John.

The board runs out 7–5–K–5–6

Boat for John as he takes the pot and now has around 35,000.

Nathan heads out of the tournament.



Exits – 22:30

Tom Bacon
Gerald Ringe
Francisco Carey
Robert Hallworth
Mark Dolan
Alli Mallu


Level 9 – 22:10

The players are back seated as we begin level number nine.

Blinds are 400/800 with an 800 big blind ante.

139 players remaining from the 261 entries.


Break Time – 21:45

Break time now for the players as they take 20 minutes.



Pics – 21:30




Huge Turnout – 21:15

A MASSIVE 256 entries for GUKPT Leeds.

That’s 340 entries in total creating a prizepool of £170,000!!

Late registration is still open and you can buy in up until 11:50am tomorrow.



Level 8 – 20:50

The blinds increase as we begin level number eight of the day.

They are now 300/600 with a 600 big blind ante.

250 entries today, 146 players remaining.


Exits – 20:30

The most recent exits here during level number 7.

Allan Fraser
Daniel Foskett
Joe O Donnell
Daniel Carter



Players Still Coming In – 20:05

Players are still coming in here during level number seven, late registration is open all night. So with the prizepool now over £160,000 we expect players to re-enter when they bust.



Level 7 – 19:45

The players are back as we begin level 7.

The blinds are now 250/500 with a 500 big blind ante.

244 entries so far today which is HUGE!!



Break Time – 19:20

Break time now for the players as they take 25 minutes.



Increase on Last Year – 18:45

Kevin Charalambous has just entered the tournament. With his entry we’ve now beat the 302 entries from the Main Event last year.

The next target is 308, which was the number of entries in 2017.


Level 6 – 18:25

The blinds increase as we begin level number 6.

They are now 200/400 with a 400 big blind ante.

217 entries so far today.

Exits – 18:10

Alli Mallu
Robert Sherwood
Kevin Charalambous
Philip Walker
Daniel Hide
Thomas Cazaletz



Chip Counts – 18:01

Michael Clarke – 35,000
Jeff Kimber – 45,000
Rob Sherwood – 8,000
Lee French – 75,000
Mark Evans – 45,000
Anthony Gardner – 40,000
Marc Foggin – 19,000
Craig Heaton – 51,000
Guy Taylor – 42,000


Level 5 – 17:30

The players are back seated as we begin level number 5.

The blind are 150/300 with  300 big blind ante.

200 entries so far today.


Dinner Break – 16:25

Dinner break now for the player as they take 60 minutes.


Day 1a Chip Counts  – 16:10

Martin Paul 217,000
Alec Tindal 200,000
Warren Aspey 117,700
Garry Stewart 94,100
Samuel Clark 91,100
Ben Maregedze 72,400
Gary Bertram 71,400
Andrea Guardascione 69,100
J H 68,900
Arian Hassankashani 67,000
John Hughes 66,400
Tina Loraine Bandyle 63,400
Katie Swift 63,000
Mark Wackrill 59,600
Chris Maguire 59,500
Ryan Mandara 51,300
Harvey Norris 47,600
Richard Hasnip 45,400
E R 43,000
Iain Mclaughin 42,300
Chris Cunliffe 28,600
Masoud Etemadiherisi 21,500




Pics – 15:50




Level 4 – 15:25

The blinds increase as we begin level number four.

They are now 100/200 with a 200 big blind ante.

168 entries so far today.



Bust Outs – 15:15

Michael Moss
Sarbjit Kular
Mor Kamber


Players in the House – 15:01


Players playing today:

Michael Richardson
Lee Reynolds
Ali Mallu
Andy Hills
Moyra Davis
Michael Clarke



Level 3 – 14:25


The players are now back seated as we begin level number 3.

Blinds are now 75/150.

149 entries so far today.



Break Time – 14:01

Break time now for the players as they take 25 minutes.



Early Exits – 13:46

Early exits from the field:

Andrew Bak
Ray Chris Hopkins
James Yeo
Daniel Knight
Alexander Kamat



More names in the Building – 13:30

We’re still waiting on a player list so here are some more names we have noticed playing today:

Tom Middleton
Jeff Kimber
Chris Cooper
Tony Ringe
Liam Hooks
Michael Howard


Level Up – 13:01

The blinds increase as we begin the next level of play.

The blinds are now 50/100.

133 entries so far.


Playing Today – 12:20

A few of the players we have noticed in the field playing today:

Mick Fletcher
Richard Kellett
David Johnson
Josh Musson
Les Kearney
John Bousfield
Tommy Noble

A full player list will be up with you as soon as possible.


Shuffle Up & Deal – 12:01

The cards are in the air as we begin Day 1a.

Blinds are 25/50.

85 players start the day.


Welcome to Day 1b – 11:45

Good morning and welcome back to Leeds for Day 1b of the GUKPT Main Event.

The tournament has a buy in of £500+£60 with a £100,000 guarantee! For their buy in, players will receive 20,000 chips on a 60 minute clock. Late registration is open all day today with unlimited re-entries available.

Yesterday 83 runners turned out, which was slightly down on the 102 entries from a year ago.

Play begins at 12pm today and we are expecting a BIG field!






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