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Andrei Munteanu Leads Day 1A – 00:10

It’s great to be back, as we have just completed our first GUKPT Main Event Day one in 18 months!

We expected today to be a busy one and it hasn’t disappointed! In total over the ten levels of late registration, the tournaments has had a huge 165 entries. Making it one of the biggest Day 1A’s in GUKPT history, if not the biggest!

46 players have made it through the day and three out of the top 4 stacks were sat next to each other on the same table. Andrei Munteanu (pictured right) has the overall chip lead, bagging 166,900 .

The full chip counts are:

PaulVas Nunes81200

We will be back tomorrow for more of the same where we have TWO day ones! Day 1B at 12pm and Day 1Turbo at 8pm, which will run on a 20-minute clock. We’re expected around 400 entries for both days!

Play Has Finished – 23:45

The play has finished now in the cardrooms. Chip counts will be up as soon as possible.

Last 5 Hands – 23:30

The players will now play 5 more hands before bagging and tagging.

Last Level Exits – 23:10

Tina Bandyle
Ryan Mandara
Axat Mawji
Paul Danko
Endrit Geci

Level Ten – 22:50

The blinds increase as we begin level number ten.

They are now 500/1000 with a 1k big blind ante.

52 players remaining.

Manh Nguyen Busts – 22:35

Manh moves all in for his 15,000 stack and is called by Nathan Leee from the small blind.

Manh tables Ad7d and will need help against the JsJc of Nathan.

The flop comes 6s2c8d

The turn card comes 6d giving Manh a flush draw.

The river card is a brick as it comes 3c

Nathan takes the pot and now has 40k while Manh busts out of the tournament.

Recent Bust Outs – 22:25

Tom Laghzaoui
John Gilchrist
Jamie Nixon
James Mitchell
Michael Nichols

More Counts – 22:10

Dan Moran – 130,000
Nathan Lee – 27,000
David Docherty – 18,000
Raul Martinez – 90,000
Tim Joyner – 60,000

Chip Counts – 21:55

Tom Hall – 71,000
Simon Gillis – 132,000
Morgane Portier – 14,000
Anthony Gardner – 42,000
Seb Jung – 48,000
Jeff Thomas – 8,000
James Clarke – 52,000
Jack Hardcastle – 76,000

Level 8 – 21:35

The players are back for the last session of the day.

The blinds are 400/800 with a 800 big blind ante.

163 entries today, 71 players remaining.

Break Time – 21:15

Break Time for the players as they take the last break of their day.

Feature Table – 21:00

Endrit Geci & James Mitchell headline our feature table.

Which you can watch here –

Level 8 – 20:30

The blinds increase as we begin level number 8.

They are now 300/600 with a 600 big blind ante.

157 entries so far, with 75 remaining.

GUKPT Closer – £50k GTD! – 20:20

This Sunday on Grosvenor Poker at 7pm.
£110 Buy In
National League points up for grabs!!

Exits – 19:55

Michael Wharton
Jack Oliver
Constantin Erhan
Andrew Hedley
Josh Boulton

Players can have three entries in total today. So if they haven’t had three bullets, they can buy back in, up until the end of the day.

Level 7 – 19:40

The players are back seated as we begin level 7.

Blinds are now 200/500 with a 500 ante.

86 players remaining from the 152 entries.

Break Time – 19:20

Break time for the players as they take 15 minutes.

Chip Counts – 19:10

Some chip counts from around the tables:

Terry Jordon – 57,000
Jack Hardcastle – 32,000
Paul Newey – 55,000
Anthony Gardner – 32,000
Endrit Geci – 14,000
Tom Langley – 85,000

Double For Oliver – 19:05

G.B opens to 1,100, Jack Oliver moves all in for a short stack of 6,500. G.B makes the call.

Jack tables KsKh and is in the great shape against the KdQh

The flop comes Kc7cJs as Jack hits top set!

The turn card comes Ac giving G a straight draw and four outs….

The river card 6d

Jack takes the pot with top set and doubles up to 14k!

Back in the game!

Exits – 18:50

Andrew Christoforou
Kevin Williams
Ben Hayman
Sean Mills
Robert Cowen
Greg Murphy

150 Entries – 18:40

Midway through level number 6 here on Day 1a of GUKPT London and we have 150 entries so far in the Main Event!

Late registration is open until the start of Day 2.

Level 6 – 18:15

The blinds increase as we begin level number 6.

Blinds are 200/300 with a 300 big blind ante.

145 entries so far today.

Main Event Satellite – 18:01

There is a satellite beginning at 6:30pm here at The Poker Room.

£120+£15 Buy In
6 x 30 minute clock and then a 25minute clock
15,000 starting stack.

The satellite has 6 seats GTD!

Chip Counts – 17:30

Some chip counts from around the tables:

Vik Mehta – 44,600
Cornel Miu – 17,000
Kevin Williams – 18,000
Tom Hall – 28,000
Bobby James -29,000
Paul Vas Nunes – 15,000

Level 5 – 17:15

The players are back seated as we begin level number 5.

Blinds are 200/300 with a 300 big blind ante.

125 entries so far.

Break Time – 16:15

Break time or the players as they take a 60minute dinner break.

Live Stream – 15:35

Don’t forget you can join The Tower & Paul Zimbler for the full ten levels of play here on Day 1A.
They are streaming HERE!!

Level Four – 15:20

The blinds increase as we begin level number four.

They are now 100/300 with a 300 big blind ante.

101 entries so far.

100 Entries – 15:05

As we are about to start level number 4, we have already hit 100 entries!

Late registration is open for the whole day and players are allowed one entry and two re-entries per flight.

Chip Counts – 14:55

A few counts from around the tables:

Jamie Nixon – 6,000
Chris Maguire – 36,000
Joe Hindry – 15,000
Jason Shellum – 45,000
Tina Bandyle – 40,000

Exits – 14:40

It’s been a busy couple of levels and a below is a list of the players who have been eliminated so far:

Terry Jordon
Tina Bandyle
Cornel Miu
Dan Samson
Colin Paddington
Francis Foorbbrown
Will McMurray
Paul Newey
Paul Rigg
Thomas Clack

Level Three – 14:15

The players are back seated as we begin level number three.

The blinds are now 100/200 with a 200 big blind ante.

88 entries so far today.

Break Time- 14:01

Break time now for the players as they take 15 minutes.

Start of Day 1a – 13:30

Denton Done – 13:15

Charlie Denton has just been over to tell us he has busted from the Main Event!

All in pre holding ACES against KINGS! King on the turn and Charlie is sent out of the tournament.

We go over to the table to see Colin Paddington is the player raking in the chips. He now has a 45k stack!

Level Up – 13:01

The blinds increase for the first time in the day as we begin level number 2.

They are now 100/100 with a 100 ante.

72 entries so far today.

High Roller Exit – 12:50

GUKPT London High Roller
£2,000 Buy In | Entries: 79

Early Exit – 12:40

If you could back any player to bust first, you’d probably back Terry Jordon and today you’d have a winner! Terry has just been eliminated here during the first level of play, he goes straight to the cash desk to have another bullet.

After last nights £50k win in the High Roller, who can blame him for having a second bullet.

Playing Today – 12:20

Some of the faces in the field we have recognised playing Day 1A.

Jamie Nixon
Chris Maguire
Terry Jordon
Andrew Bak
Gary Steven-Smith

Shuffle Up & Deal – 12:01

Cards are in the air we begin level one. Blinds are 100-100. We have 50 players to start the day.

Welcome Back – 11:50

Good morning and welcome back!!

It’s been too long but the GUKPT is finally back! The players have missed it just as much as us as every tournament has been packed out this week!

The Midi Main was run with restrictions, but still attracted 414 entries and was won by Michael Zhang.

The Mini Main was run without screens and masks and was just what the players wanted, as they were out in force. 804 entries made it the most attended GUKPT Event Ever! Patrick Donohue was the eventual winner beating the huge field!

Today we are back in the Poker Room in London for the £200k GTD Main Event, with a buy in of £1250. Play starts at 12pm today and we will be playing ten levels of play.








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