GUKPT 2019 Grand Final Day 3 Blog

GUKPT 2019 Grand Final Day 3 Blog

The third and final day of the GUKPT 2019 Grand Final begins at 12pm today.

18 players are making their way back to play down to a winner! They are guaranteed £6,690, but there is a MASSIVE £188,610 up top!

Follow the action here to see who takes it down.

Goodbye From 2019 – 20:35

Well, what a year we have had on the GUKPT Tour! The legs of the tour have been busier than they have ever been with every single leg having an increase in numbers.

Numbers were slightly down for the Grand Final. but because of the increase in buy in, the prizepool was bigger by £50k!

Today we came back with 18 players all looking to take home one of the biggest ever prizes in GUKPT history, the £188,610 that was up top.

Ben Winsor was the favourite having the overall overnight chip lead and he converted it into another W, his third GUKPT Main Event and the first ever player to win 2 Grand Finals.

It was one of the quickest final tables ever with 8 eliminations in less than two hours!

The curtain now closes on the 13th season of the GUKPT, but we will be back at the end of January, here in the Poker Room to do it all again. Leg 1 begins on the 23rd January with the £500+£60 Midi Main Event. We hope you join us then.

From everyone here, thanks for interacting with us for the last 12 months and we hope to see you in season 14.


Prizepool Payout – 20:20

GUKPT Grand Final
£2500 Buy In
Entries: 273
1st £188,610 Ben Winsor
2nd £123,740 Leo Boisbaudry
3rd £76,920 Trevor Reardon
4th £49,490 Antoine Saout
5th £34,120 Tom Hall
6th £25,410 Andrew Christoforou
7th £20,070 Morten Mortensen
8th £16,050 Shengjie Tao
9th £13,380 Javier Zapatero
10th £11,370 N.H
11th £10,030 Dost Ghrabie
12th £9,360 Daiva Byrne
13th £8,700 Ming Ji
14th £8,020 Stephen Bean
15th £7,360 Sebastien Jung
16th £7,360 John Bousfield
17th £6,690 Youness Barakat
18th £6,690 Guy Taylor
19th £6,020 Chris Maguire
20th £6,020 Laurence Houghton
21st £6,020 David Barnes
22nd £6,020 Lander Lijobereciartua
23rd £5,350 S.V
24th £5,350 Philippe Souki
25th £5,350 P.P
26th £5,350 Oliver Price


GUKPT 2019 Grand Final Champion Ben Winsor – 20:10




It’s All Over! – 19:45

After a little bit of battling Leo Boisbaudry & Ben Winsor get it all in!

Leo holding Kh7h  against the As9d  of Ben.

The flop comes 3c4d 3h

The turn card comes 5d giving Ben a gut shot.

The river card comes Ah !!!

Ben rivers a pair of ACES to take the pot.

A massive well done to Leo Boisbaudry on his second place finish for £123,740.

Ben Winsor is our GUKPT 2019 Grand Final Champion for £188,610.


Heads Up Begins – 19:20

Heads up begins with Ben Winsor holding 5.2million to the 1.6million of Leo Boisbaudry.



Break Time – 19:10

Break time for the players before we begin heads up play.



Trevor Readon 3rd – 19:01

Trevor Reardon has 10 bigs and gets them in holding Kh7h against the As3h of Ben.

The flop comes 7c2sQs

The turn card comes 7s as Trevor turns trips but Ben picks up the flush draw…

The river card is Ts !!

Ben makes a flush to take the hand and takes another player out.

Trevor Reardon heads out in 3rd place for £76,920!



Antoine Saout 4th – 18:55

Ben moves all in attacking Antoine Saout in the big blind who has thirty big blinds.

Trevor has just six bigs, but Antoine calls his stack off!

Ben tables Q-8 and Antoine shows 9-9.

The flop comes 8–3–2 as Ben flops top pair!

The turn comes another 8 as Ben turns trips!

The river card comes a Jack.

Very unlucky for Antoine has he heads out in 4th place for £49,950.



Tom Hall 5th – 18:45

The action folds round to Tom Hall on the button who moves all in for his 19 bigs, Ben Winsor snaps in the big blind.

Tom tables K-Q and has ran into the ACES of Ben!!

No miracle for Tom and he heads out in 5th place for £34,120.



Andrew Christoforou 6th – 18:35

Andrew Christoforou finds JACKS with his 600k stack ( 15 bigs ), he shoves and is called by Antoine Saout with ACES!!

The board runs out K–3–5–8–9

Aces hold for Antoine who takes the pot, we lose Andrew Christoforou in 6th place for £25,410.




Morten Mortensen 7th – 18:25

Morten Mortensen gets his 7 bigs all in with J-7 off and is called by Ben Winsor holding A-2.

Both players miss the board and Ace high plays for Ben who hits a hat trick of knock outs!

We lose Morten in 7th for £20,070.


Shengjie Tao 8th – 18:15

Shengjie Tao, another short stack moves all in holding K-Q and is called by Ben Winsor holding A-K.

No queen on the board and we lose Shengjie in 8th place for £16,050.



Javier Zapatero 9th – 18:10

Javier Zapatero finds AhQh to stick his ten big blinds in with but is crushed by the AdKd of Ben Winsor

The board runs out

Ben takes the pot and now has 1.5million.

We lose Javier Zapatero in 9th place for £13,380.



Chip Counts – 18:02

Leo Boisbaudry 1,600,000
Antoine Saout 1,200,000
Ben Winsor 1,100,000
Tom Hall 880,000
Trevor Reardon 460,000
Shengjie Tao 425,000
Zapatero Gomez 400,000
Andrew Christoforou 275,000
Morten Mortensen 255,000



Level 26 – 17:55

The players are back seated as we begin level 26.

The blinds are now 20,000/40,000 with a 40k ante.

9 players remaining.




Break Time – 17:40

Break time for the players as they take 15 minutes.

Still 9 remaining.



All is Quiet – 17:01

No real action in the first 30 minuted of final table play.



Prizepool Payout – 16:40

GUKPT Grand Final
£2500 Buy In
Entries: 273
1st £188,610
2nd £123,740
3rd £76,920
4th £49,490
5th £34,120
6th £25,410
7th £20,070
8th £16,050
9th £13,380



Chip Counts – 16:30

Tom Hall 1,652,000
Ben Winsor 1,183,000
Leo Boisbaudry 1,040,000
Andrew Christoforou 702,000
Shengjie Tao 546,000
Zapatero Gomez 471,000
Antoine Saout 459,000
Trevor Reardon 390,000
Morten Mortensen 383,000




The Final Table – 16:20



The Final Begins – 16:10

The final table has just started here, blinds are 12,000/24,000 with a 24k ante.

We are playing to a winner!!



Break Time – 15:55

Break time for the players as they take 15 minutes before beginning our final table.



Final Table – 15:50

We lose N.H. in 10th place.

He takes home £11,370 for his efforts.

We are now on the final table!!



Blinds Up – 15:30

The blinds increase as we begin level number 24 of the day.

They are now 12,000/24000 with a 24k big blind ante.

10 players remaining.



Dost Ghrabie 11th – 15:20

Dost Ghrabie moves all in from the button for his 11 bigs and is called by Shengjie Tao in the small blind.

Dost tables 5h3h and will need help against the Ah5d of Shengjie.

The flop comes 9c2h6d

The turn card comes 8h giving Dost a flush draw.

The river card 8s

Ace high is good for Shengjie to take the pot, he now has 600k.

We lose Dost Ghrabie from the field in 11th place for £10,030!




Daiva Byrne – 12th – 15:05

Morten Mortensen moves all in from the button and Daiva calls off her nine bigs in the big blind.

Morten tables J-8 of spades against the A-7 f Daiva.

An eight comes on the flop for Morten which holds and gives him the pot, he is now up to 400,000!

Daiva heads out of the tournament in 12th place for £9,360.



Min Ji 13th – 14:55

Min Ji heads out in 13th place he takes home £8,700 for his deep run in the event.




Stephen Bean 14th – 14:45

Stephen Bean finds K-Q for his 15 bigs, he gets it in and runs into ACES!!

No help for Stephen and he heads out in 14th place for £8,020.


Chip Counts – 14:25

Ben Winsor 1,178,000
Tom Hall 1,166,000
Leo Boisbaudry 795,000
Andrew Christoforou 600,000
Trevor Reardon 474,000
Zapatero Gomez 437,000
N H 333,000
Morten Mortensen 321,000
Dost Ghrabie 307,000
Shengjie Tao 294,000
Min Ji 233,000
Stephen Bean 220,000
Antoine Saout 206,000
Daiva Byrne 172,000



Level 23 – 14:16

The players are back seated as we begin level number 23.

The blinds are now 10,000/20,000 with a 2k ante.

14 players remaining.


Break Time – 14:01

Break time for the players as they take 15 minutes.



Exits – 13:30

Three exits in quick succession

15th £7,360 Sebastien Jung
16th £7,360 John Bousfield
17th £6,690 Youness Barakat




Level Up – 13:01

The blinds increase for the first time today as we begin level number 22.

They are now 8,000/16,000 with a 16k big blind ante.



Guy Taylor 18th – 12:50

Guy Taylor gets his 150,000 stack all in pre flop holding As9d and is looked up by Tom Hall tabling AcQh

The board runs out QdKd3s8c2s

Tom hits a pair of Queens to take the pot.

We lose Guy Taylor in 18th place for £6,690.


Pics – 12:45



Prizepool Payout – 12:20

GUKPT Grand Final
£2500 Buy In
Entries: 273
1st £188,610
2nd £123,740
3rd £76,920
4th £49,490
5th £34,120
6th £25,410
7th £20,070
8th £16,050
9th £13,380
10th £11,370
11th £10,030
12th £9,360
13th £8,700
14th £8,020
15th £7,360
16th £7,360
17th £6,690
18th £6,690
19th £6,020 Chris Maguire
20th £6,020 Laurence Houghton
21st £6,020 David Barnes
22nd £6,020 Lander Lijobereciartua
23rd £5,350 S.V
24th £5,350 Philippe Souki
25th £5,350 P.P
26th £5,350 Oliver Price



Shuffle Up & Deal – 12:01

The cards are in the air as we begin Day 3.

The blinds start at 6,000/12,000 with a 12,000 ante.

18 players remaining.


Players Called In – 11:55

The players have just been called in to take their seats.

We will be underway in 5 minutes.


Day 3 Seating Plan – 11:40

1 1 N H 157,000
1 2 Trevor Reardon 198,000
1 3 Zapatero Gomez 391,000
1 4 Guy Alexander H Taylor 164,000
1 5 Benjamin Winsor 1,521,000
1 6 Stephen Bean 185,000
1 7 Youness Barakat 141,000
1 8 Thomas Hall 996,000
1 9 Min Ji 340,000
2 1 Leo Boisbaudry 168,300
2 2 Andrew Christoforou 546,000
2 3 Daiva Byrne 258,000
2 4 Antoine Saout 188,700
2 5 Dost Ghrabie 266,000
2 6 John Bousfield 138,000
2 7 Shengjie Tao 311,000
2 8 Sebastien Jung 167,000
2 9 Morten Mortensen 129,000




Welcome To Day 3 – 11:30

Good morning and welcome back to Day 3 of the GUKPT Grand Final!

From the 273 entries we have just 18 players making their way back today all with their eyes on the first place prize of £188,610!

Ben Winsor leads the way and has a commanding lead over the rest of the field, he is the firm favourite to take it down as he has been here before. He has two Main Event wins to his name, can he become only the second ever player to win 3 Main Events, and the first player to win three grand finals? We will have to wait and see.

Full chip counts are:

Ben Winsor 1,521,000
Tom Hall 996,000
Leo Boisbaudry 642,000
Andrew Christoforou 546,000
Zapatero Gomez 391,000
Min Ji 340,000
Shengjie Tao 311,000
Antoine Saout 270,000
Dost Ghrabie 266,000
Daiva Byrne 258,000
Trevor Reardon 188,000
Stephen Bean 185,000
Sebastien Jung 167,000
Guy Taylor 164,000
N H 157,000
Youness Barakat 141,000
John Bousfield 138,000
Morten Mortensen 129,000


Play will begin at 12pm today.









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