Guide to Snooker Betting

Want to bet on snooker? Our snooker betting guide has everything you need to know. We’ll cover how to bet on snooker, the different types of bets and the competitions to wager on. And we’ve got a few snooker betting tips to help with your betting strategy too.

Types of Snooker Bets

You can make a variety of different bets on snooker. They include:

Outright (Winner) Bets

An outright bet in snooker is a bet on a certain player to win a specific competition. For example, Ronnie O’Sullivan to win the World Championship.

You can make an outright snooker bet before a tournament starts or at any time during a competition.

Handicap Betting

With snooker betting, you can back a certain player to win a specific match. However, to add an extra element to your snooker betting, you can give them a handicap. Say you’re betting on a match early in a competition with one of the favourites against an outsider, handicap betting gives the favourite a handicap and the outsider an advantage.

Take the example of a handicap of -3.5 frames on the favourite. If you back them to win, they will need to do so by four frames or more.

Over/Under Markets

Over/under betting in snooker focuses on the potential number of frames in a match. If the match is a best of 11 frames contest, you could bet on there being under 8.5 frames. If it is settled before the need for a ninth frame, you’ll win your bet. If it goes to more than nine frames, you’ll lose.

Session Betting

With session betting, you place a wager on which player will have the best of a particular session.


This is a bet on the total number of frames played in a snooker match.

A long-term wager in snooker is a bet on events with a much longer projected end time. For example, at the start of the season you could place a bet on a certain player winning the Masters or the World Championship.

Special snooker bets, also sometimes called proposition bets, are bets on a snooker match that won’t necessarily affect the final outcome. Examples of special snooker bets include betting on the total number of century breaks or the highest break of a tournament.

In-Play Betting on Snooker Matches

With In-Play snooker betting, you bet live as the action happens on the table. Once the match begins, so does In-Play snooker betting. The odds continually change in line with how the contest is going – the trick is to get the best odds for a certain outcome happening before they change.

Popular In-Play snooker betting markets include:

  • The colour of the first ball potted
  • The player to win the next frame
  • The player to win the match
  • Whether a particular player will make a century break

Step-by-Step Guide to Snooker Betting

It’s super simple to place a snooker bet with us at Grosvenor Sport. All you need to do is:

  • Sign up to Grosvenor Sport (or sign into your existing account)
  • Make a deposit – all new customers get a Welcome Bonus when they make their first deposit
  • Check out our snooker betting markets
  • Look at the snooker betting odds within each market
  • Choose your bet
  • Select your stake
  • Make your bet
  • Watch the action to see if your bet comes in

Popular Snooker Tournaments to Bet On

Now you have an idea of the snooker bets you can make, let’s look at the snooker tournaments you can place wagers on.

World Championship

This is the longest-running and most prestigious tournament in snooker. It’s been running since 1927 and has been held at the Crucible in Sheffield since 1977. The World Championship is one third of the snooker Triple Crown and has seen winners in recent years include Ronnie O’Sullivan, Luca Brecel and Mark Selby.

At Grosvenor Sport, you can bet outright on the winner of the World Championship as well as choose from a range of snooker match betting markets and specials.

UK Championship

Also part of the Triple Crown, the UK Championship has been running since 1977. It is currently held at the Barbican Centre in York and is played in November and December. Recent winners have included Mark Allen, Zhao Xintong, and Neil Robertson. Ronnie O’Sullivan is the most successful player ever here.

At Grosvenor Sport, you’ll find all your essential snooker betting markets, from outrights to match betting and live In-Play snooker betting.


Held at Alexandra Palace since 2012, the Masters also makes up snooker’s Triple Crown. Recent winners have included Judd Trump, Neil Robertson, and Yan Bingtao. You can bet on the Masters right here with us at Grosvenor Sport.

Players Championship

The Players Championship features the top 16-players on the one-year ranking list and is a professional ranking snooker tournament. You can bet on the Players Championship with the full range of snooker betting markets right here at Grosvenor Sport.

Snooker Betting Tips and Strategies

When it comes to making the most of your snooker betting, these snooker betting tips should come in handy.

Look out for the Best Available Odds

Do your research to find the best available odds with the highest payouts. At Grosvenor Sport, we work hard to bring you some of the most competitive snooker odds on the market.

Take Advantage of Matched Betting and Arbitrage Betting

Keep your eye out for where you can get the most value from your snooker betting, with matched and arbitrage betting. Matched betting is all about taking advantage of free bets and promotions to make a profit. Arbitrage betting on the other hand involves taking advantage of discrepancies in odds between different bookmakers to guarantee a profit.

Follow Snooker Tipsters and their Expert Predictions

Do your research and look for the best snooker betting tips from the experts. After all, they know a thing or two about snooker. If you see a good tip and you think that bet could come in, back it.

Take the Small Wins and Profits

Any win on a snooker bet is a win. Enjoy it and take the profit. It doesn’t make sense to keep spending your profits chasing bigger wins. Know when it’s time to stop.

To bet on snooker with us at Grosvenor Sport, sign up for an account today and claim your Welcome Bonus.