After Dark Cocktails

Grosvenor Casinos launch new After Dark Cocktail menu

The festive season is here and to celebrate at Grosvenor Casinos we have launched our new After Dark cocktail menu.

We have taken some of the classic cocktails made in our casinos such as an old fashioned and an espresso martini and given them a festive kick for you to enjoy when you visit your local Grosvenor Casino throughout the month.

The After Dark cocktail menu consists of six unique drinks with the addition of new flavours such as chocolate, ginger, and elderflower to bring something a little different to your average cocktail.

Here we run through our new menu which you will be able to order at your local casino.

Apple-Flower Martini

A gin-based cocktail that brings the refreshing flavours of apple and floral notes of elderflower together with a hint of lemon to cleanse the palate.

Melon Zing

A short drink bringing a melon kick for those looking for a unique and energizing drink to continue their night.

Midnight Mule

A late night twist on the classic Mexican Mule, this drink brings warming notes of ginger and lime to drinkers with an unusual tequila twist

Dark Berry Bramble

A refreshing pick me up, this cocktail is the perfect combination of sweet and sour by incorporating the fruity flavours of blackberries and raspberries

Caramel Old Fashioned

A quirky twist on an old favourite, this cocktail brings cinnamon notes to an old classic with a dash of bitters for a sharp edge.


The perfect late-night pick me up, this cocktail combines the classic espresso martini with cocoa flavours for a real late-night treat.

Do you play online with Grosvenor Casino? Why not try preparing these fancy cocktails at home while you play!




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