Goliath Pro Tips: Max value

Goliath! One word but anyone who knows about poker knows exactly what that means. It’s that time of year again for the biggest and sickest live poker tournament in the world to be held outside of Las Vegas! The Goliath Main Event continues to smash records with last year’s numbers breaking both the record for unique players (4,022) and overall entries (6,385), creating a massive prize pool of £638,500!

This year promises to be the biggest one yet with a huge £100,000 guaranteed 1st place prize for a modest £125 buy-in. Goliath 2018 looks set to smash all previous records and will attract a huge number of players not just from the UK but from a number of other countries too! This year the Goliath festival runs from 26th July to 5th August.

Max value- online satellites

In order to get that extra bit of added value, you can win your seat into the Goliath Main Event for a fraction of the buy-in via the online satellites running now on grosvenorpoker.com. There are 750 Goliath Main Event seats guaranteed online to this year’s gargantuan event. You can even be “in for the min to get the max” by turning £0.25 into a £100,000 1st prize! From July 1st there are satellites running every night with a minimum of 10 seats guaranteed. Also, there are now £1 flip satellites running nightly at 9:30pm and 10:30pm with one seat guaranteed so don’t miss out on all this great value!

An event for everyone

Apart from the £125 Goliath Main Event there are a number of other fantastic events taking place during the festival this year, some of which will be taking place for the first time. As well as the £225 National 25/50 Event taking place at the start of the festival, Sunday 29th July sees the inaugural £58 Grosvenor UK Women’s Poker Championship (GUKWPC). On Saturday 4th August, there’s the £335 Super High Roller and on Sunday 5th August there’s the inaugural Grosvenor UK Senior Poker Championship (GUKSPC) for the over 50’s. The “Joker is Wild” event held on Thursday 2nd August is a really fun event, that will sell-out, I recommend you pre-register online to avoid disappointment (you also wont have to pay the £8 registration fee). With a number of other side events running throughout the festival, there’s something for everyone to have fun and get involved in.


Poker strategy

As I’ve had a lot of success in playing in big field MTTs, a lot of players have asked me for strategy advice for playing the Goliath Main Event. It’s never easy to give specific advice to each individual player as everyone should have their own style of playing but in general, you should sit tight at the beginning of a tournament and try to get a profile on every player at the table. Keep a note of who’s playing loose, tight, aggressive or passive at the table and adjust your game accordingly to exploit those players. Being versatile and unpredictable at the table are key traits to have, especially in MTTs. Being able to switch gears and mix up your game is crucial when playing on several tables against several players over the course of a few days.

The Goliath festival has an electric atmosphere like no other. The card room is buzzing and filled with players from all walks of life. The Goliath Main Event is a huge tournament that most people can afford to play and it literally is anyone’s to win. I wish you all the best of luck at the tables and look forward to seeing you all at this year’s gigantic Goliath festival!





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