GCOOP – Grind Your Way to Vegas

The Grosvenor Championship of Online Poker is back!

GCOOP is Grosvenor Poker’s signature online tournament series boasting massive prizepools, a diverse variety or game types, and tonnes of added value. There are guarantees galore, and buy-ins to suit any bankroll, ranging from £5 to £225, culminating in a £110 main event promising a £30,000+ prize pool! Last year’s GCOOP Main Event saw an impressive turnout with 327 entries, with some juicy overlay for all the players; meanwhile some of the other GCOOP events doubled their prize pool guarantees.

Here’s why you need to play GCOOP:

1. LIKELY OVERLAYSgrosvenorpoker.com don’t hold back on their guarantees so there’s plenty of value to be found.
2. THREE (3) Vegas packages added, worth £3500 each!! Yes, Grosvenor really are just giving them away.
3. Good variety of events, with heads-up and six-max tourneys as well as PLO.
4. There are L (Low) and H (High) versions of each event, typically £5 and £30 respectively. Both contribute equally to the leaderboard, so GCOOP is worth playing even for low-stakes grinders.

The Vegas packages (more info HERE) are a huge reason to play GCOOP. That’s OVER TEN GRAND of added value (not deducted from any of the prize pools). The 3 players who amass the most points will be joining #TeamGrosvenor (myself included) for a week in Las Vegas beginning Friday 8th June. I am ever so slightly Vegas-obsessed (as I reported in my LAST BLOG ) and it will be an amazing experience, with the prize package including entry to the incredible Millionaire Maker event at the World Series of Poker. The #TeamGrosvenor Pros will also be taking part, and we’ll be available for advice and moral support – and celebratory beers when you win the $1million+ first prize!

I have a pretty solid track record in grinding tournament leaderboards over my poker career. In my opinion, the points system on Grosvenor Poker levels the playing field a lot more than those you see on some other poker sites, and non-pros are in with a shot as the tournaments take place at sociable hours in the evening. (Certain other poker rooms turn a blind eye to pro players who very obviously cheat by account-sharing, thereby putting in a volume of play they could not otherwise achieve.)

Don’t forget to register to one of grosvenorpoker.com’s Back Your Pro holding tanks by Monday! If your chosen pro tops the sponsored pro leaderboard, you’ll be entered into a £1,000 freeroll.

Andy’s Top Tips

Fancy gunning for a Vegas package? Here are my top tips:

1. Play as many of the events as you can. You get a few points just for taking part in a tournament. The points system is published HERE: https://www.grosvenorcasinos.com/poker/gcoop

2. Keep Sunday free! There are 4 events instead of the usual 2-3, all worth crucial leader board points.

3. Make sure you play the Main Events (both Lo + Hi). Even if you wouldn’t normally play a £100 comp online, consider giving this one a shot as it’s worth DOUBLE leaderboard points. If it’s slightly out of your bankroll, there are satellites running all week. Due to the number of qualifiers, it’ll be juicier than a lot of other circa-£100 games online.

4. Your odds are best on certain ‘quiet’ nights (look for lower guarantees) as the smaller events award the same points as more popular events.

5. Remember to pre-register for the heads-up events on Wednesday, as late registration is not permitted in ‘shoot-out’ events.

6. This is more of a general poker tip, but make plenty of player notes. Many of the same participants will be competing from day to day, so your notes could come in especially handy if you come up against the same player(s) later in the week. Your notes might swing a crucial decision in one of the Main Events where there’s more on the line!

Remember GCOOP is exclusive to Grosvenor, which is on the Microgaming network. A lot of other players on Microgaming might not know about GCOOP as it won’t appear in their tournament lobby, so due to this limited visibility the prize pool guarantees are rather ambitious. If you don’t already play on Grosvenor, you really should – it’s one of the most potentially lucrative poker rooms, due to so many professional players flocking to the 2-3 biggest online sites.

All that remains is for me to wish you good luck – see you on a final table (I’ll be playing under the screen name Andy_Hills) and hopefully see you in sunny Las Vegas!






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