Five of the Coolest Card Shuffles In Poker

Ever been at a poker table with a dealer with serious shuffling skills? Or do you have a friend whose sleight of hand turns you green with envy? Well, simmer no more, as we’ve rounded up a group of five video tutorials that talk you through some of the coolest card shuffles ever!

The Sybil cut

The staple of many great magicians (including the one and only Dynamo), the Sybil Cut is an elegant flourish originally performed as early as 1992, by Chris Kenner. In fact, this shuffle became so iconic that it inspired many of the two-handed card cuts performed today.

The Riffle shuffle

If you aren’t sure how to master the Riffle Shuffle, take a look at this! Fast and very cool, this is the perfect shuffle for games like poker, where cards need to be randomised thoroughly. The Riffle itself is just the first part of the shuffle: the ‘bridge’ formed afterwards is a great technique for neatening up your pack.

The one-handed shuffle

Want to look super slick at your next poker game? Get practicing the one-handed shuffle. And when we say practice, we mean it! This tricky shuffle will take a while to master, but once you have your technique down to a tee, you can bust it out whenever you fancy upping your showmanship.

The Cascade shuffle

While this particular shuffle is used in a lot of magic tricks, it’s one of the coolest card shuffles to use at the felt, too. It’s surprisingly easy to learn, and when repeated a few times before a game, will shuffle your cards well enough that there won’t be any bias. Just make sure the cards aren’t facing forwards, so nobody can complain about the deal.

The Butterfly cut

The Butterfly cut is another favourite of magicians. Made up of a series of fancy flourishes, it’s a great way to impress your friends. Practice makes perfect with the Butterfly cut, as you’ll need to keep your hands and fingers moving, but once you perfect each movement, it won’t be hard to slot the whole shuffle together.

Ready to take your new tricks to the tables? Just remember, fancy shuffling won’t get you far – especially in the casino! If you’re need some practical poker advice, be sure to check out our complete guide on How to play poker. If it’s the inspiration you’re after, take a look at our guide to the Top Poker Players.








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