What to Do On Your First Casino Visit

So, you’ve honed your skills playing online casino games and are now ready to head to your local Grosvenor Casino.

That’s great! But before you gather the troops, there’s probably a few questions that have crossed your mind, such as: Where is the card room? Which game do I play first? Who do I ask if I need help? How do I cash out? These are just a handful of the questions we receive on a day-to-day basis.

To help you prepare for your first casino visit, we’ve compiled some of our top tips, below. Give them a read – you’ll feel like a seasoned pro in no time! (Over 18s only, please!)

Get acquainted

While you may be itching to get started, it’s important to take your first casino visit slowly. This means taking the time out to have a good look around. Scope out some of the casino’s main areas, such as the card room, the gaming floor, slot machines and the cage (the area where chips are exchanged for money.)

Once you’ve got your bearings, the next step is to pick out the games you want to play. Keep an eye out for the minimum stake for each game – these start from as little as 50p and should be highlighted on each table. If you need any information which isn’t made visible in the casino, such as game rules, ask a dealer or floor manager who will be happy to assist you.

Set your budget early

Setting a budget is essential for any casino-goer, whether you’re a first-timer or seasoned pro. To do this, you should look to set loss limits on any game you play and regularly check your balance.

To make your money last longer, pick the lowest limit tables in the casino. While the return won’t be as monumental as you may like, the reward of playing more games and, in turn, enjoying a more well-rounded experience should serve you better in the long run.

Keep your composure

Emotions often run wild in casinos. One minute you could be raking in the chips, and the next you could hit an unlucky run. And, while it can be tempting to wear your heart on your sleeve, it’s critical that you don’t get carried away with your emotions.

Whether shouting with glee at a great hand or exploding when a slot machine swallows your money, whatever your feelings, try to keep your cool. This is just one way you can show the casino, and the players, you respect them and that you’re there as a serious player.

Have fun

The most important tip of all when visiting a casino for the first time is to have fun. Casinos are entertainment venues, after all, so don’t get too downhearted if a bad streak happens – it happens.

Instead, try out new strategies and see how much you can make within your budget. If you begin to bet recklessly, or become angry, that’s the point at which to take a break and remember why you’re there. Luckily, all our casinos have fantastic restaurants and bars – ideal for when you need a minute away from the tables. If in doubt, remember the Responsible Gambling adage: When the fun stops, stop.

Now you’re ready to visit a Grosvenor casino, the next step is to look at which games are available at your local venue. Browse our local casinos to get yourself prepared.








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