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Colin Murray’s 52: Q&A with Colin

If you’re yet to listen to Colin Murray’s 52, then where have you been hiding?!

The new sports podcast series sponsored by Grosvenor Casinos is fronted by the award-winning broadcaster, Colin Murray, who has ripped up the interview rulebook by playing ‘52’ with legendary sport stars where every question is left to chance.

Over the coming weeks you’ll hear from the likes of Ronnie O’Sullivan, Graeme Swann, Sol Campbell and Tony Bellew to name just a few.

Here, we’ve spoken exclusively to the man himself, Colin Murray, to give us an insight into his unique 52 deck of cards and what’s in store for listeners….


What is ‘Colin Murray’s 52’ for those that don’t know?

It is essentially an interview with a famous name in sport, but the foundation for the chat is dictated by the random drawing of a five-card hand. I’ll expand on the questions but, ultimately, the journey is decided by fate!

It’s a normal deck of cards, but we’ve added questions to the face side of them.

From my point of view, it changes the whole atmosphere and dynamic of the chat – almost like there’s a third person involved.


Where did the idea for ‘52’ come from?

My messed-up mind! I’m always a big fan of using creative ways to change tried and tested formula, and the interview is certainly that. My thought behind this was that it would relax the interviewee to some extent, while at the same time creating a few nerves to begin with, which certainly happened.

I get to influence things slightly, as I ‘stack’ the deck for one round, but each episode is unpredictable and, thankfully, it’s not the same old stories every time!


What was your favourite episode to record and why?

It’s a hard to pick one. Ronnie O’Sullivan was amazing, but so was Tony Bellew and Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink and Graeme Swann. So, damn you, I refuse to pick one!


If you could play Colin Murray’s 52 with any sporting legend alive or dead, who would it be?

Good question. I’ll stick to the living though! I suppose if I could take the magic 52 deck to any sportsperson then maybe Roy Keane. He’d always give it to you with both barrels and I’d enjoy the tussle.


What makes a great podcast?

Podcasts are not radio programmes. People want something a little less formatted and a little freer in its thinking. That’s why I’m really proud of Colin Murray’s 52 because I’m not sure it would ever get commissioned by a radio station.

It’s a 100% podcast idea and it turned out that way in reality. I’m pleased with it. I think there are a lot of laughs in there but always real insight into some of my guest’s characters – the ‘real’ person, if you like.


Why should people subscribe and listen to this podcast in 52 words?

Because it’s free, for a start. Why wouldn’t you? And you’ll discover a lot of different things about well-known sports people you thought you knew. The gear changes from the nonsensical to the very personal and crazy at times, but that’s because of the cards! I’m not actually going to count these words… that must be close to 52 though?


How did you choose the guests? 

Well, well, well… that’s a story in itself. Originally the series was going to be made in front of audiences at various Grosvenor Casinos, but when we cancelled the events due to what’s been happening we made the decision to make the entire series in four days, in four Cities, behind closed doors. So, some guests we had already booked were able to make that, others weren’t, but it worked out great.

Sol Campbell was booked at 1pm and was round our producer’s flat in east London eight hours later! Crazy times, but it’s good to have fresh, original content for people to hopefully enjoy.


What makes a good interviewee?

Now that’s the easiest answer of them all. Honesty, honesty and honesty.

Colin Murray’s 52 is available to download and listen here on iTunes, Spotify and Deezer, to name but a few, and don’t forget to subscribe to the Podcast to be the first to hear episodes as they go live.

Colin Murray’s 52 is an original format and produced by CopC Productions:










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