Big Bluffs

A Learning Curve

Flash back to September 2017. It was the first time that the GG Will Bounty Special tourney was launched online on Grosvenor Poker. A unique £28+2 buyin event, with a £5,000 guaranteed prize pool and a huge £2,500 bounty on my head. What a turnout it was! The guarantee was smashed, the action fast and furious, my opponents relentless and the Twitch stream and chat box going mental. It was hard to keep up with it all!

I sat tight from the start to get a feel of the table and identify into which category each of my opponents fell. It wasn’t long before I noticed a few players bluffing with complete air and those were the players I targeted to get maximum value from. Needless to say I had to wait for a decent hand to catch them. My patience paid off and I got one of my opponents to triple barrel bluff with a bare gutshot against my over pair to the board. Once I had chipped up however, I noticed that whenever I entered into a pot, there would be several players involved who just couldn’t fold. It was quite obvious they were just after my bounty with any two cards so I had to tread carefully when making any moves. I felt I didn’t have much room to bluff especially with multiple players in the pot.

Eventually I got short, shoved my 10BB stack with A6 and got called in the BB by Q7o. I actually turned the nut flush draw on a 6 high board only to see the off suit Q hit the river to knock me out. I later found out my opponent’s name was Barrett, Lee Barrett. I was shaken but not stirred by the fact that his computer hand had just won him a £2,500 GUKPT Grand Final package.


Round 2

On to the second GG Will Bounty Special tourney in October and the guarantee was increased to £7,500 following the huge success of the inaugural event the previous month. This overlayed a fair bit, with those that entered having around £1500 worth of overlay! I found myself in a similar situation to the previous one. I felt as if I was in an aquarium with a bunch of piranhas ready to snap at me as soon as I entered into any pot. It was hard to make any moves or make any big bluffs without putting my whole stack at risk. I eventually got coolered with the nut straight against a full house which left me short. Needless to say it was a 6 way all in with my bounty at stake and I wasn’t able to win that one. On to the next one as they say.

The next GG Will Bounty Special will take place this Sunday 19th November at 7:00pm only on Grosvenor Poker. Be sure to get involved then with another great chance to win yourself a £2,500 GUKPT Grand Final package for the following week in London. There are also satellites running online for this huge event so don’t miss out on some great value there. I will certainly be there for the GUKPT Grand Final as I aim to speech and bluff my way to the final table for the third time in one of the biggest and best poker tournaments of the year in the UK.

DON’T FORGET, you need to engage with’s official “GG Will” posts on Twitter and Facebook on the 19th to upgrade your prize from a £560 GUKPT ticket to a £2500 Grand Final package!


GCOOP – Gloves Are Off

Following immediately after the GUKPT Grand Final is the GCOOP, exclusively on Grosvenor Poker. It’s an online poker festival running from 27th November to 3rd December. Buyins start from just £5 and there are a number of great value events with £100,000 guaranteed over the week, culminating in the £110 Main Event which alone has a guaranteed prize pool of £50,000!

The player of the series will win a £12,000 GUKPT Passport in 2018.

Satellites for the GCOOP Main Event are running online now. There’s also plenty of freerolls if you want to dip your toe on for the first time.
I can safely say that I’ll be bluffing a lot more in GCOOP than I have been in the GG Will Bounty tourneys and I’ll be playing for the win so get involved!



Full details on GCOOP can be found on

I look forward to seeing you all on both the live and online tables.

Good luck!

Will Kassouf









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