Best Snacks to Eat while Playing Online Poker


Think of your perfect online poker snack-accompaniment, and you’re likely to conjure up images of beer, crisps and nuts. Well, one of these nibbles definitely has a place at your personal poker table, but not all snacks were created equal.

Just like live tournaments, live casino games are filled with challenges, so you need to be on form to win big. The right sustenance is key to staying alert and energised – here are some of the best snacks to eat while playing online poker.

Poached eggs

Poached free-range egg on buttered granary wholemeal toast.

Crack an egg into a pan of boiling water, stick some brown bread in the toaster and leave the food to do its thing while you keep an eye on your opponents. They’ll be ready in just a few minutes.

Eggs are rich in choline, which helps to promote brain health, and are famous for keeping you feeling fuller, for longer. This means less time grazing and more time focusing on your game!


woman holding glass at water tap and filling water.

Coffee might make you fizz with energy, and alcohol might help you relax, but plain, simple water is the best thing to drink as you play online poker. Dehydration can make you feel sleepy – a recipe for disaster if you’re in the middle of a lengthy, intense game. Coffee and alcohol are both deceptively dehydrating, while the latter can also impair your judgement.


Bowl with walnuts on a white table

Nuts are a great snack to have next to your computer. Not only can you pick at them at your leisure, but they could prove really beneficial to your game. Peanuts and walnuts are particularly good for a slow release of energy. Walnuts contain the most omega-3 of any nut, while peanuts – like eggs – include choline.

Dark chocolate


Another simple snack, dark chocolate requires no prep, and can have positive effects on your body if eaten in moderation. Unlike sugar and dairy-laden milk chocolate, really dark chocolate is as close to its natural cacao origins as it’s possible to get. Cacao contains nutrients that fight stress and boost your energy levels and focus: perfect for online poker and live casino players!



Whipping up a bowl of porridge might take more effort than nibbling on dark chocolate, but it doesn’t take long, and only needs stirred once it’s bubbling away in the microwave. Oats release energy slowly, so are well worth the wait, especially when paired with bananas.

High in potassium, bananas can help keep your brain in top condition and, again, they contain choline. Bananas can also stimulate the body to produce dopamine (which promotes feelings of calm), and serotonin (which helps to regulate our moods). When you’re playing an intense game like poker, this kind of mental balance is essential.

Leafy greens


‘Rabbit food’ it may be, but it’s chocked-full of online poker-friendly nutrients. Kale, watercress and spinach contain brain-boosting compounds like folate, vitamin C, vitamin K, calcium and beta-carotene. Not only can they help you hold your focus, but they have even been linked to a lower risk of dementia.

Baked potato


Potatoes contain our favourite of nutrients, choline, which can help improve our brain health. Not only that, but it’s easy to prepare: simply stab a potato all over with a fork, stick it in the microwave for around five minutes each side, and you have a healthy snack to tuck into while you play online poker. Like bananas, potatoes can also boost our serotonin levels.

Natural yoghurt

Three blueberries on a spoon in a bowl of yogurt.

Another serotonin-enhancer is yoghurt. Playing poker with a stable mood can mean the difference between losing control of your emotions and claiming victory, so this tasty snack is an asset to any home poker table. Eat it on its own or throw in some blueberries for an antioxidant boost.

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