What Does It Take To Be a Grosvenor Croupier?

A croupier’s primary role is to ensure our customers have the best possible casino experience whilst ensuring the rules of the games are followed. At Grosvenor Casino, we rank our croupiers among the world’s best.

While becoming a Grosvenor Casino croupier may sound daunting, it’s all down to practice and persistence.

Here are some of the basic requirements needed to become a Grosvenor Casino croupier.

The specific skills you need

A successful Grosvenor croupier requires good people skills, meticulous levels of concentration, and a deftness for number crunching, not to mention having the patience of a saint.

We asked some of our croupiers what skills are required for the role and this is what they said:

“To be able to work as part of a team.”

“Communication skills as you need to talk the game.”

“To be able to concentrate.”

“Remain calm under pressure.”

“Able to have fun but at the same remain professional.”

“Adaptability to meet the needs of different types of customers –knowing when to chat and when to stop!”

A good memory is also useful. Of course, you’ll need to remember basic calculations, and it is also courteous to remember regular customers. Addressing a customer by their name as they walk to your table will immediately make them feel more comfortable.

Along with good people skills, after training and practise our dealers have the dexterity to:

Expertly shuffle

Cut chips

Deal cards accurately

Swiftly collect chips

Payout winnings

Croupier etiquette

A croupier’s aim is to manage a fair game. This is achieved by clearly showing every action you make to the players at your table. Actions include clearing your hands (showing them both face up and face down), and never covering your mouth, turning your back or crossing your arms.

The qualifications you need

While there are no official qualifications to be a croupier, much like with any job, there are a few areas of expertise which could help push your CV to the top of the pile. This includes at least 3 GCSEs (A* to C), including English and Maths, and experience of working with the public, handling money and working night shifts.

Basic requirements

If you are successful in your application to join the team at Grosvenor Casino, you will be required to apply for a gambling license from the Gambling Commission. You will also receive a background check by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).

Once your checks have passed, you will undergo six weeks of training to learn the rules of each game and the skills to deal them. As part of your training, you will also be shown how to spot problem gamblers.

There is a clear career progression for trainee croupiers: those who are adept at their job are firstly given a chance to move up to the position of inspector, pit supervisor, and then into management roles.

Other basic requirements to be a Grosvenor Casino croupier include:

You must be 18 years old or over.

Hold a clean criminal record.

Have a clean, professional appearance.

Be able to distinguish between colours.

Have a reasonable degree of dexterity (for handling cards and chips).

Think you’ve got what it takes to be a Grosvenor Casino croupier? Visit our Rank Careers page to see the current vacancies available in your local Grosvenor Casino.








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