14th June 2017

The under-21s prepare for their assault on the European Championships

Hope is an emotion which beleaguered England fans have become increasingly estranged from in recent years. There is, of course, the fleeting sense of optimism on the eve of a major tournament, but it is all too quickly followed by a familiar sense of disappointment, as the Three Lions crash out prematurely with not even […]

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12th June 2017

There Could Be Pain in Paris for England

Imagine a scenario where France head coach Didier Deschamps was given carte blanche to raid England’s squad for players. I wonder how many he’d cherry pick to slot straight into his best starting XI? Dele Alli? Possibly. It’s not entirely clear which Les Bleus midfielder he’d replace though.

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9th June 2017

Argentina v England | Odds, Betting & Match Preview | 10th June

Argentina can be a tough place to tour both on and off the pitch. Visitors to the Pumas’ lair expect a hostile reception; when England took to the pitch in Buenos Aires in 1990, they were pelted with oranges, followed shortly by a metal tap from the proverbial kitchen sink. It can be equally perilous […]

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8th June 2017

World Cup Qualifiers – Boot Camp Boys to Survive Scottish Test

Scotland v England Preview | 10 June 18:00 After a long, hard season, the last thing most coaches and players would have wanted was to contest a fixture as old as the international game itself. UEFA’s World Cup qualifying dictates that Scotland host England in mid-June in a match that neither side will find easy.

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