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What Is The Correct Casino Etiquette?

If you’re not sure about appropriate casino etiquette, worry no longer!
At Grosvenor Casinos, we’ve saved you the trouble of asking others or learning from your mistakes in this informative video.

In this video we take you through the best practice techniques, such as when placing bets, ordering drinks, cashing in tips and what to do with your mobile phone. 
If you’re feeling confident enough to try one of our casinos, you can register online by clicking here.
Before you do this, you may feel it useful to take a look at our step-by-step video taking you through the registration process at Grosvenor Casinos.
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Registering At Your Local Casino

Are you a casino beginner? If you want to get started in the casino world, the best place to start is with Grosvenor Casinos!
In this helpful video, we take you on a tour of the casino and takes you through what to expect when you arrive at one of our venues. If you’d prefer to register online, click here to join now.

If you’d like to know more about what you’re getting when you join Grosvenor Casinos, take a look at our  How To Dress In A Casino, Casino Etiquette as well as the Benefits Of Playing With Grosvenor Casinos videos.
If you’d like to join your local casinos, visit our local casino sign-up page here
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Learn To Play Blackjack, 21, or Pontoon (Intermediate)

Ever wanted to play Blackjack but never been shown the ropes?
Once you have mastered the basics of Blackjack in our Beginners video you can then set about learning a more strategic game. In this video we will show you how to split and double down your cards to help get the most of out of the game.

When you split your hand you can play each hand independently and when you double down it allows you to double your bet.
The aim of the game is to get a card total higher than the dealer by getting as close to, but not exceeding, a total of 21. Remember – don’t go bust!
Once you have learnt the basics of Blackjack, why not learn more skills in our handy ‘Learn To Do Chip Tricks‘ video which includes all the chip tricks the croupiers do.
If you want to practice playing in ‘free play’ visit our main site for more Blackjack games.

Win Yourself a Trip to Vegas This November!

Ever wanted to rumble with the big boys in Las Vegas? The first two days of November give you that perfect oppportunity – all for just submitting a £20 stake!
Your Vegas dream could well become a reality when you play live casino games with Grosvenor Casinos between the 1st and 2nd November. 
All you have to do is play one of our live casino games online between these dates and stake at least £20 on either desktop or mobile.
It really is that simple – £20 all-in and you could be whisked off to Vegas! For an even better chance of winning you’ll receive an extra entry into the prize draw for every additional £20 stake you enter.
Not to mention all the pampered freebies you’ll be receiving once you reach Vegas soil. Welcome drinks, Free show tickets and Free visits to all the main attractions
Visit our website for more information about getting involved in this special promotion