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WSOP Part 3 – Premiership footballers play poker too

I’m not saying I’m having an unlucky run, but at the moment I feel like if I was one of Pamela Anderson’s triplets, I’d be the one on the bottle.

Vegas is a place with nowhere to hide when you’re not running great, but rather than get you down you have to remain positive – we’re so lucky to play poker for a living, and if the cards seem against you and you can’t win a race at the moment, just think that when the probabilities even out the number of races you’re gonna win.

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WSOP Part 2 – Aggro and irksome players are always a big challenge

Phil Helmuth tweeted this week: “SO UPSET!! Even my tablemates felt bad for me! Took indescribable bad beats”. I used to think he was a bit of an idiot for talking like that…now I’m beginning to empathise.

The $5k shootout was a tournament I was really looking forward to, 15,000 starting chips and generally a load of people who don’t know how to win sit n go’s.

Two hands in, it went raise to 200 UTG, next to speak calls 200, mid position….allin for 15k. I liked my table! We had one guy who must have three bet 50% of the hands we’d played in levels one and two, a ridiculous amount.

When someone played back with a four bet he five bet shoved A5 off and got three against AK. At the break I asked Chris Moorman about him.

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Nicky Piper Charity Tourno – The sporting greats turn out for a go at the table

It’s not every day Britain’s next world boxing champion threatens to knock you out, but then again it’s not every day you get to play poker with sporting champions past and present in the name of charity.

I was in Cardiff for the Joshua Foundation poker tournament, organised by the charity’s fundraising officer, former Commonwealth light-heavyweight boxing champ Nicky Piper.

This is the second of these events Nicky has set up with G Casino, and along with a number of sports stars, I had a £50 bounty on my head for anyone who knocked me out.

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WSOP Part 1 – Big hands don’t always mean bigger pay-outs

My WSOP take-home ticket:
Don’t worry about protecting a big hand when folding or calling is the obvious correct form of play.

What a whirlwind start to my 2011 World Series of Poker.

After less than a day at home following a week in Magaluf for my mate James’s stag do, I headed to Vegas, landing at 9pm Wednesday, and after dinner with housemate Karl Mahrenholz, Nick Gibson, Skalie and Tim Blake, tried to get over the eight hour time difference in time to be up for midday and the $1500 PLHE.

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