Monthly Archives: February 2011

GUKPT Champion of Champions – Grosvenor rally up the troupes

Coventry in December, what could be better? Don’t answer that. Let’s rephrase that. £150,000 for free, what could be better? Now my enthusiasm’s back, Coventry or Baghdad, I’m in for free money!

A quick phonecall from Neil Channing, who thoughtfully had booked himself a train to Cov on Saturday morning, and as plan was formed, turn up early, buy myself a ticket (no honestly, it’s fine Neil, and thanks for paying me almost the full price for the ticket I booked you to the last comp in Blackpool, too kind) and join the Sensei for the hour hop to the Midlands, bash up some fellow champs and escape with some of the £150k kindly added, yes ADDED, to this free comp for anyone who had won a GUKPT affiliated tournament in 2010 by Grosvenor.

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