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GUKPT Manchester – Where a super aggro attacking style seems to work

My Manchester take-home ticket:
Take risks and experiment with your tournament style. This way, any player is forced to stay on top of their game.

I love going to Manchester any time, but after months without a GUKPT, it was with extra vigour I boarded the train up north to play the first leg of 2011.

The return of the tour is like the first day of a new school year, a chance to catch up with old friends before getting on with the hard work ahead. This year there’s been some tweaks to the way the tour works and the £300,000 of ADDED money is distributed.

A nice starter was registering online on the Blue Square/G Casino site got me into every tournament juice free, so as I checked into what can loosely be described as my hotel, I was ready for the £500 comp having paid £500 to enter, not the £550 those turning up at the casino on the day were charged.

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