2010 Irish Open Winner, James Mitchell, scoops top prize at this year’s GUKPT Edinburgh event!

This year’s GUKPT Edinburgh event saw young pro & Irish Open 2010 winner, James Mitchell, scooping £33,930 and the GUKPT champion’s crown after four years of attempts.
His efforts did not go without a healthy pay-packet, though. In 2008 he took third place and won £45,000 at the Luton leg and in 2010 he scooped £4,100 when he finished 9th place at the Walsall leg. His final attempt before his eventual win came just this year when he came 4th at the Blackpool leg, earning himself £16,000.

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All players are welcome at the GUKPT events

But not everyone has to be a professional to take part in our GUKPT events. Just look at who took 3rd place this year – Paul Strachan is a teacher who earned £13,920 despite his buy-in coming in for just a few pounds! Other success stories include prison officer Stephen Wood who scooped £4,560 after finishing in 6th and gas engineer Gary Bertram who came 9th, earning himself £2,960.

The next leg

The next stop for GUKPT will be Cardiff on Sunday 24th May which starts with the Sunday night Super Satellite, giving you the chance to win at least 10 £500+50 seats to the £100,000 Guaranteed Main Event. If you wish to get involved before the event and secure your seat in good time, satellites are running at the Grosvenor Casino in Cardiff now. If you can’t make it to the Cardiff casino before the big day, you can also win your seat online at Grosvenor Poker every Tuesday and Sunday evening.

Grosvenor’s 25/25 series

For those too eager to wait until the 24th May, Grosvenor Casino is running their sister tour, the Grosvenor Casinos 25/25 series, throughout the country. With more destinations to play than any other UK poker tour, you’ll be knocking down the door for our £25,000 main prize. You can get involved in the 25/25 series as early as this weekend at our Luton and Leeds Westgate casinos. Get yourselves there & see how you fare against the big boys!

Results from GUKPT Edinburgh 2015

1st – £33,930 – James Mitchell

2nd – £22,230 – Colin Wu

3rd – £13,920 – Paul Strachan

4th – £9,130 – Mindaugas Kriauciunas

5th – £6,320 – Richard Cylde

6th – £4,560 – Stephen Wood

7th – £3,740 – Usman Ulhaq

8th – £3,160 – David Maclean

9th – £2,690 – Gary Bertram

10th – £2,230 – Steven Duncan

11th – £1,870 – William Runciman

12th – £1,870 – Martin Devine

13th – £1,640 – Chris Craig

14th – £1,640 – James Sassi

15th – £1,400 – Todd Cairns

16th – £1,400 – Ken Fong

17th – £1,400 – Dean Lyall

18th – £1,290 – Pip Arthur

19th – £1,290 – Andy Teng

20th – £1,290 – Gary Swan









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